Knowing These Four Blind Spots Can Help Prevent a Florida Tractor-Trailer Accident

Knowing These Four Blind Spots Can Help Prevent a Florida Tractor-Trailer Accident

It is very easy for a pedestrian, driver, or cyclist to suddenly find themselves in one of a tractor-trailer’s many blind spots and become involved in a serious accident. Tractor-trailer blind spot accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. Understanding precisely where a truck’s blind spots are located could potentially help you avoid an accident. 

Where Are a Tractor-Trailer’s Biggest Blind Spots?

A truck’s four main blind spots can be found on either side of the truck, as well as in the front and back. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a picture on its website indicating where each of these four blind spots are located on an oversized truck.

Front Blind Spot

This blind spot generally reaches roughly 20 feet from a tractor-trailer’s front bumper and extends the full length of the vehicle. 

When you are passing an oversized truck, be sure that you have more than 20 feet between their front bumper and your vehicle before you try to merge in front of the tractor-trailer, and don’t forget to use your turn indicator.

Rear-End Blind Spot

7.29 Knowing These Four Blind Spots Can Help Prevent a Florida Tractor-Trailer Accident

From the rear-end, a tractor-trailer’s blind spot reaches roughly 30 feet from the back of the trailer and crosses the entire width of the vehicle.

When you are driving behind an oversized truck, large truck, it is important to remember that if you can’t see the truck’s side mirrors, the truck operator can’t see you.  

Lefthand Blind Spot

The lefthand, or driver’s side blind spot reaches approximately three-quarters of the way from the driver’s seat down the side of the truck, obscuring the driver’s view of the lane of traffic to its immediate left.   

Righthand Blind Spot

The righthand, or passenger’s side blind spot is the most substantial one on a tractor-trailer. This blind spot can hide two or more lanes of traffic on the vehicle’s righthand side. This blind spot starts at the front bumper and reaches almost to the rear bumper.

If your vehicle is in this blind spot, the truck operator will be unable to see you if and when he attempts to make a righthand turn, merge into a different lane, or exit the highway.

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