Is Witness Testimony Helpful in a Personal Injury Claim?

Is Witness Testimony Helpful in a Personal Injury Claim?

The devastation and costs that come after a car accident can be substantial, and people in Florida who were harmed in a car accident have the right to file a personal injury claim for compensation. Moreover, while putting a strong claim together for the highest amount of compensation, having robust and substantial evidence is critical. Witness testimony and statements are those crucial pieces of evidence that when secured, can make a big difference in the outcome of one’s personal injury claim.

Establishing a strong Florida car accident claim that has plentiful evidence supporting your position is important to securing compensation. For help with the Florida personal injury claims process, the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Fulgencio Law can assist you.

Why is Witness Testimony Helpful in a Personal Injury Claim

Is Witness Testimony Helpful in a Personal Injury ClaimEvery state has its own laws on how fault is viewed and how compensation is awarded after a personal injury accident happens. In Florida, comparative negligence is used. In this fault system even if you had some amount of responsibility for an accident happening, you may still be able to recover compensation. 

So, even if you are the individual bringing a claim against another party but it is determined you had something to do with an accident happening, Florida’s comparative fault system says that you can still be awarded financial compensation for your damages. The percentage of fault you had would be deducted from your final settlement amount. If you were not deemed to have any fault in an injury claim and you win your case, you would get all of the money awarded to you from your settlement.

Whether you had something to do with your accident or not, you still may have a case for compensation. The best thing you can do to support your claim is to ensure it has substantial evidence. Some examples would be pictures, videos, police reports, medical bills, and even witness statements. Your Tampa car accident attorney at Fulgencio Law can explain what types of documentation and proof would be advantageous for your claim.

Witness statements can make a big impact on your case. If a witness can attest to your side of a claim what they say has the potential to help you win. On the other hand, when there are witnesses that refute what you say and have a different account of what happened, then this can be very detrimental to your claim.

Either way, witness testimony has the ability to change the course of a claim and its outcome. Witness testimony can be persuasive and believable. All of the details that a witness can provide of what they saw also can help make what actually happened much more clear.

Speak with a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

When there are witnesses that saw your accident it is best to speak with them and ask them if they would give a statement. Then, it is also prudent to ask them for their contact information. If your case goes to trial, having witness testimony supporting you can be powerful and help you get the compensation you both need and deserve.

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