Internal Injuries from Car Accidents

Internal Injuries from Car Accidents

The force on the body that comes with the impact of a car accident can lead to many different types of injuries. The most dangerous is internal injuries. The momentum that can come when automobiles collide may cause internal injuries just as glass from broken windshields and other loose debris penetrating the body can. It is imperative that internal injuries are identified quickly and treated. Though, with some internal injuries it can be very difficult to get a proper diagnosis. This is incredibly dangerous because an internal injury that is not treated can lead to greater physical bodily harm and death.

In 2022, there were 396,492 crashes in Florida. A majority of them lead to injuries and death. There is no denying the risk drivers take of being in an accident when they hit the roads. And, any accident has the potential to inflict serious injuries like internal injuries.

If you were injured in a Florida car accident or if you lost a loved one from deadly injuries after a fatal crash, the Florida car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help you determine the best path forward for obtaining financial compensation.

Types of Internal Injuries that Can Result After a Car Accident

Internal Injuries from Car AccidentsVictims of internal injuries can suffer significant physical pain, limitations in engaging in normal daily life, and a diminished quality of life. Victims of internal injuries may also have to worry about permanent disablement and death. The following internal injuries can result from car accidents in Florida:

  • Brain injuries like bruising of brain tissue and bleeding. Brain injuries can cause headaches and migraines, issues with vision and balance, and problems concentrating. A brain injury that goes undiagnosed and untreated can cause permanent damage and death.
  • Internal organ damage where vital organs are bruised, lacerated, or crushed can cause them to fail which is usually deadly.
  • Bone fractures can be painful and limit mobility. If small pieces and sharp shards of bones from a fracture are circulating inside the body they could cause even further damage like cuts to other organs.
  • Punctured lungs can happen when a rib bone is broken and tears into the lung. The hole in the lung can cause the air to escape and accumulate in the chest cavity which will ultimately cause so much pressure that the lung will collapse.
  • Internal hemorrhaging or bleeding where the impact of a crash ruptures blood vessels. While it could take days before one experiences the symptoms of internal bleeding like dizziness, headaches, and weakness, to name a few, it is imperative that when symptoms do arise medical attention comes quickly after.

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Internal injuries must be identified, diagnosed, and treated. The severe repercussions that can result if they are not taken care of can be deadly. If you were in a car accident in Florida, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Obtaining a proper examination and prognosis of injuries is critical to preserving your quality of life and your recovery.

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