Infant Brain Injuries

Infant Brain Injuries

The anatomy of an infant is such that the head is proportionately larger and less balanced than the rest of the body. It is also still in the process of development. We know that babies have fontanels, “soft spots” which must be cared for gently, that allow for a baby’s skull to be pliable in order to make it through the birth canal. After birth, it takes some time for that skull to harden up and provide the much-needed protection to the brain that adults have. Like any injury, there is a wide range of severity that can result from infant brain injury.

Possible Causes of Injury

Infant Brain InjuriesAny accident, whether it be a slip-and-fall or blunt force to the head, can result in brain injuries in infants. Similarly, defective products can also cause brain injury; think of a faulty car seat that fails to protect the child during a motor vehicle accident. Outside of trauma and force that can inflict injury, infants are also very much susceptible to brain damage during abuse, such as in the case of shaken baby syndrome. Sometimes, the force in this tragedy is deliberate on the part of an aggravated caregiver, while other times, it is the result of an accident when handling the child.

The other potential cause of brain injury when it comes to infants can be on the part of a medical practitioner. Negligence on the part of the doctor or obstetrician can occur during the birthing process when the actions of the practitioner are unsafe and unreasonable. Some of these practices could include:

  • Lack of oxygen, should an unfortunate instance where the umbilical cord is strangling the baby’s neck, if the baby is stuck in the birth canal for an extended period of time, or if the baby is turned sideways while coming out;
  • Unsafe use of delivery equipment, including poor use of forceps;
  • Waiting too long before engaging in a necessary C-section; and/or
  • Applying excessive force during the delivery process.

Signs of Brain Injury

Medical professionals are trained to understand the signs of brain injury and they will, in most cases, identify it quickly. If you are not in the presence of a medical professional when an accident to the head occurs, it is imperative that you have a doctor examine your child immediately. It is also prudent to be aware of the signs that can indicate brain injury:

  • Convulsions
  • Vommitting
  • Twitching, particularly if only occurring on a single side of the body
  • Irregular breathing
  • Abnormalities with the eyes, such as irregular pupil size
  • Balance problems
  • Discharge from the ears

Finding a Florida Child Injury Attorney

In 2014, the rate of emergency room visits for traumatic brain injury was the highest among children ages 0-4. When your child has been the victim of brain injury due to negligence on the part of another party, your child could be faced with life-long problems. For any parent, this is not just a frustrating proposition but a highly emotional one. It is necessary to get in contact with an experienced child injury lawyer who can successfully file a claim on your behalf against any party that was at fault.

Offering over 60 years of combined experience, Fulgencio Law has a trusted team of lawyers who can represent your case. We are experts in Tampa area child injury. Our client-friendly practices focus on you and your needs and we will guide you through every part of the process for receiving your rightful compensation. Should you need assistance with a claim involving your child’s injury, don’t wait to reach out and speak with one of our friendly lawyers. We are here to help, call us at (813)463-0123 today.

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