How to Recover Missed Wages After a Car Accident

How to Recover Missed Wages After a Car Accident

Car accidents can produce a wide range of damages for victims, and the severity of these damages can vary greatly. Some car accidents may only produce minimal damages and physical bodily harm, meaning recovery will not be too difficult or time-intensive. In other situations, injuries can be so extensive that it may be a long road to recovery, and during this time, the ability to engage in daily life or go to work may be an impossibility.

So, what happens to your earnings if you are unable to go to work while you are healing from your car accident injuries? This is a very real concern that car accident victims have, and understandably so. The inability to earn a paycheck can be a scary thing, and when you are also facing mounting medical costs because you have considerable injuries this can easily make things even more stressful. Consulting with an attorney after a crash is one way that you can have your questions answered, including what your options are for recouping missed wages. 

In Florida, the Tampa car accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law know that for some victims, car accidents can be life-changing and leave a victim with considerable losses, including lost income from time away from work. It is imperative that victims of car accidents are able to get the full amount of compensation they are owed from their personal injury claim, and the legal team at Fulgencio Law can help with this.

What to Do About Lost Wages After a Crash

How To Recover Missed Wages After a Car AccidentIt is reasonable to believe that if you hadn’t been injured in a crash in Florida, you would have gone to work on your regular schedule, and you would have brought home your normal paycheck. But since you were in a crash that left you with injuries that require you to take time off of work, this may also come with losing that paycheck. The good news is that if you have the option of filing an injury claim against the negligent party that caused your accident and your injuries, you can calculate your lost wages and include them in your claim.

An injury claim must have substantial evidence to prove the damages you want to collect, like missed wages. To do this, there are three critical pieces of evidence and information you can use including

  1. A letter from a medical professional who is treating you detailing the injuries you sustained, that the injuries will keep you from being able to work, and how long it should take for you to recover.
  2. A letter from your manager or boss indicating that you have not been able to come in and work as a result of being injured.
  3. Proof of income is usually shown through pay stubs.

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The experienced attorneys at Fulgencio Law know what is required to prove missed wages and how to calculate what a fair amount would be so that you are not suffering financial setbacks as a result of another party’s negligent acts. 

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