How to Maximize Your Compensation After an Accident in Tampa

How to Maximize Your Compensation After an Accident in Tampa

If a person, government agency, or other entity behaved in a negligent way, causing an accident that left you injured, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against them to obtain compensation for the damages you had to endure. In the aftermath of an unintentional injury event that was caused by negligence, these damages can be very costly. You may have suffered debilitating injuries that require extensive medical treatment, you may have to take time away from work, thus losing your income stream, and you may have even had your property damaged. It is incredibly important that when you file a claim, you get the most possible from it.

The good news is that there are things that you can do to improve your ability for maximum recovery from a personal injury claim in Tampa. The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law discuss the top actions you can take to help you secure the full amount of compensation that you are owed from a personal injury claim. 

Top Tips for Securing Maximum Recovery in a Personal Injury Claim in Florida

How to Maximize Your Compensation After an Accident in TampaIf you were harmed in a slip and fall accident, a Florida car accident, or another type of personal injury event, then these tips can help you obtain maximum compensation.

Do Not Delay in Seeking Medical Treatment

The worst thing that you can do after an injury accident is not to see a medical provider and have an examination done or to delay seeing a medical provider. Taking too long to seek medical attention or not seeing a provider at all will give the insurance company an argument that you were not really injured. Insurance adjusters will be likely to believe that any physical bodily harm you are experiencing is not from the alleged incident and that you are not as badly hurt as you insist you are. As a result, they may conclude that you either do not deserve compensation or you only are entitled to a small settlement.

Do Not Delay in Gathering Evidence

All of your medical visits and doctors’ notes, pictures from the accident scene, witness testimony, repair bills, and more should all be kept and well-organized. This is essential so they can be used to evaluate what your claim is worth and also to prove that your harm was caused by your accident.

Do Not Make Statements About Your Accident

Do not make statements to anyone other than your attorney about your accident. Perhaps even more importantly, absolutely do not go on social media at all until your case is closed and you have secured your settlement.

Do Not Talk to an Insurance Adjuster without an Attorney

Getting in touch with an attorney soon after your accident is good advice because an attorney will be able to handle communications with the insurance company for you. Even if you have not spoken with an attorney before the insurance adjuster calls, you can always politely let the adjuster know that you will have your lawyer reach out to them at a later date to discuss things. This gives you time to find an attorney, at which point they can handle discussions with the insurance company.

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