How to Keep Yourself and Florida Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Halloween

How to Keep Yourself and Florida Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Halloween

Ahh, yes. Halloween. The singular time of year that witches, zombies, and ghosts take to the streets, plastic pumpkins in tow, canvassing their neighborhoods for candy bars, lollipops, and other sweets. The holiday is a genuinely fun experience for children and adults alike.  

Sadly, the most dangerous thing you will find lurking outside this All Hallows Eve isn’t the diseased, the demonic, or the undead. It isn’t even candy corn. It’s you and every other driver on the road.  

Slow Down

Children excited for Halloween and trick-or-treating are not necessarily as focused on their safety as we may like. Hopefully, they are accompanied by an attentive parent or babysitter but drivers should go extra slow in anticipation of a tiny hobgoblin dashing out into the roadway. 

Halloween also tends to yield more vehicular and pedestrian traffic than an average day, so in addition to watching out for those on foot, you also need to be mindful of cars entering and exiting driveways unexpectedly, as well as low-flying brooms.  

Expect the Unexpected

How to Keep Yourself and Florida Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Halloween

Something spooky could be waiting for you around any corner. Make sure that you drive defensively and try to anticipate surprises. Bear in mind that some homes might use strobe lights as part of their Halloween decor and the trick-or-treaters might be shining flashlights as they walk around.  

Keep Your Property Well-Lit

Halloween decorations are a fun part of the holiday but it is important that they don’t hinder your or someone else’s ability to drive safely. After working hard to create an eerie ambiance so the thing under your stairs feels right at home, you need to ensure that your porch and walkways are lit well enough to allow trick-or-treaters and other guests to see. 

If an injury-causing accident occurs on your property, say someone falls into an open grave, you could be on the receiving end of a premises liability claim; a real Halloween horror!

Get Rid of Distractions

With so many children and other pedestrians running amok, make sure you put distractions away before you get behind the wheel. This is especially true of cell phones, Ouija boards, and other communication devices. 

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