How to Deal with Medical Bills After an Accident

How to Deal with Medical Bills After an Accident

Injury accidents can be incredibly stressful. Not only does a victim have to endure the physical pain of their injuries, and potentially suffer some extent of disablement, but they may also feel the weight of the financial toll that an accident can take. It is not uncommon for the aftermath of an injury accident to be incredibly expensive. Damages a victim suffers like the cost of medical treatment, repair bills for property damages, missed wages while out of work, and more all add up fast. Medical treatment doesn’t come cheap and depending on how severe one’s injuries are, bills could cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is easy to understand how one’s mind can start racing after an injury accident and especially after the first batch of medical bills start to come in the mail. Filing a personal injury claim and successfully obtaining a full settlement can help pay for your damages. Like any type of legal action, personal injury claims can be complicated. And, when you are also trying to recover from your injuries, handling a claim by yourself may be too much to handle. A Tampa personal injury attorney at Fulgencio Law can assist you with your claim and manage it on your behalf so that you can put your attention towards getting better.

Paying for Medical Treatment After an Accident

How to Deal with Medical Bills After an AccidentAfter you file your claim and until you reach a settlement, you will be paying for your own medical bills. Before you can get to a settlement, you will have to first receive all of your treatment and be discharged by your doctor or given instructions for the need for necessary future treatment. The way you pay for your medical treatment can vary based on your specific circumstances.

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. This means that right after an accident injury, victims must seek compensation from their own insurance first. 

Your no-fault, or personal injury protection coverage (PIP) will pay for medical bills but, only 80% of your bills or up to $10,000. When a healthcare professional attests that you have had an emergency medical condition, then it is possible to obtain the full amount of coverage for medical treatment after an accident.

If you have insurance through a state-funded insurance program, then you can submit your medical bills to them for payment.

If you have medical coverage on your car insurance policy, you can use this to pay for medical bills.

Without government insurance and if your insurance coverage refuses to pay medical bills, then the financial burden is on your shoulders. Doctor’s offices want their payments for the cost of their services, but, they also understand that a victim may not have the full amount of cash on hand. As a result, there are some doctor’s offices that will work out a payment plan with injured victims so they can get the treatment they need to heal.

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Once a settlement is reached, a portion of the money received will have to go to reimburse any insurance coverage that paid for medical bills while you were working through the claims process. 

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