How to Deal with Aggressive Insurance Adjusters

How to Deal with Aggressive Insurance Adjusters

After an unintentional injury accident, you could be feeling a flurry of emotions, mostly negative ones. You had to experience something shocking and unexpected and on top of that, you were injured. You decide to file your claim for compensation against the party that caused your accident. As if you are not stressed enough by the situation, the insurance adjuster isn’t making things any better or easier on you. They are condescending, they are behaving rudely, and they are very insensitive to your predicament. They talk to you like you were the one who was wrong and irresponsible even though you didn’t do anything to cause your accident.

This is a situation that no one wants to be in, but nevertheless, it is very common. Insurance adjusters are not tasked with the job of caring about claimants or helping them. They are trained to undermine claimants and find ways to get a claimant to drop their claims or accept very little for their damages. Essentially, an insurance adjuster is focused on saving the insurance company money not paying victims for their losses.

When an injury accident happens, whether you have been through the process before or not, it is still recommended to connect with an attorney. An attorney deals with insurance companies regularly as a part of their job and they know how to handle them. They also know how to properly value claims and take on the insurance adjuster to improve the chances of getting the full amount of compensation a victim is owed. 

In Florida, a Tampa personal injury attorney at Fulgencio Law can assist you when you decide to file a personal injury claim.

What to do with an Unreasonable Insurance Adjuster

How to Deal with Aggressive Insurance AdjustersSometimes an insurance adjuster will come off as sympathetic and use the approach of gaining a claimant’s trust as a means to devalue their claim. Other times, they can choose a completely different strategy and be downright rude. When this happens, there are certain things you can do.

  • You deserve to be respected and not taken advantage of or treated badly. When an insurance adjuster belittles you or is insulting, turn the tables on them and stay pleasant. Responding to the adjuster with kindness could help move communications in the right direction. This can be a very hard thing to do, especially when you are not feeling well after an accident but it gives you credibility. When you are also mean and unkind, this behavior is documented and it can be damaging to you.
  • Become familiar with the claims process before speaking with an adjuster so that you are not surprised by anything and know what to expect. This can help you understand everything better and also more firmly position to communicate with a potentially difficult insurance adjuster.
  • If the insurance adjuster is just unreasonable, you can always ask to speak with their manager or supervisor. Perhaps a supervisor can resolve the problem or even reassign you to a new adjuster.

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