How Long Do You Have to Get Medical Treatment After a Florida Car Accident?

How Long Do You Have to Get Medical Treatment After a Florida Car Accident?

If you sustained injuries in a Florida car accident, you should always first seek medical attention as soon as possible. Have yourself examined by a qualified doctor who can give you an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Getting medical treatment for injuries can reduce the chances that they will progress and get worse. Also, rapid treatment may help you heal faster and more efficiently.

Taking your health and wellbeing seriously by seeing a doctor after a crash only benefits you. Concerns about the cost of medical bills may keep you from seeing your doctor for treatment. Medical care is very expensive so these apprehensions are valid.  Bringing your case to a Tampa car accident attorney for review may offer you some relief because it could be possible to file a Florida personal injury claim for compensation for these medical costs and more.

Is There a Timeframe for Seeing a Doctor After a Crash in Florida?

How Long Do You Have to Get Medical Treatment After a Florida Car AccidentFlorida is a no-fault state which means that when an accident happens, you defer to your insurance provider for compensation.  Florida requires drivers to have Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage. This insurance coverage can help pay for 80% of the total amount of medical bills that you have along with 60% of lost earnings if you had to take time away from your job. When your damages are substantial, you may be able to file a Florida personal injury claim for compensation against the liable party.

When permanent injuries result after a car accident, filing a claim to recover losses from the crash is applicable. When the injuries suffered are not permanent, there is still the possibility to file a claim. This is so when damages total more than $10,000.

The statute of limitations for filing a Florida personal injury claim typically is four years from the date of the crash. If you do not have your claim filed within the statute of limitations timeframe, you will lose your ability to obtain compensation. This is because the courts are likely to throw your case out for missing the deadline. 

Because of how PIP works, when injuries are present after a collision you have 14 days to see a medical professional. If you do not see a medical provider within that 14-day timeframe you lose your PIP benefits to help pay for your medical treatment and care.

If you have never been in an accident before or understand how Florida’s no-fault system, the statute of limitations, and PIP work, you risk putting yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to having your medical treatment and other damages paid for. Working with a Tampa personal injury attorney as soon as possible after a crash in or near Tampa better protects your rights and interests.

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