How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take?

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take?

There are two options after you file a personal injury claim. The first option is that you will be able to settle out of court and the second is that you will go to court to litigate. Every personal injury case has its own unique circumstances which will play a large part in determining which path you will go down. Due to the different factors involved in a personal injury claim, the timeframe for every case has its own timeline. 

Injuries from an accident will require you to seek medical attention so you can obtain two things, treatment, and documentation. Your Florida personal injury attorney will collect your medical information along with other important documentation to help put together a claim for you. This legal professional will also use the details of your accident and your documentation to calculate a fair amount for your settlement. Then your settlement demand letter will be drafted, edited, approved, and sent to the at-fault party’s insurance company. This letter will include a deadline for the reply and resolve the claim, the standard is 30 days.

What Happens After The Insurance Company Gets The Settlement Letter?

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims TakeWhen the insurance company that receives the letter they will review it and accept it or reject due to any of these aspects:

  • They don’t believe that liability exists as it stated in the letter.
  • They don’t believe their client was at fault.
  • They don’t agree with the settlement amount and they believe that the injuries reported were exaggerated.

They are going to try to remove blame from their client as much as possible even if that means arguing you had some fault in the accident. They may even say you their client had no fault at all. They are also going to argue down the severity of your injuries and even say your injuries were not the result of the accident.

When you cannot come to an agreeable outcome in your claim with the insurance company it is time to file a suit and potentially go to court. A complaint letter is filed with the court and the at-fault party must file an answer. This is a reply to the complaint letter where the defendant either accepts the allegations or denies them. Any type of defense they put up against your allegations will obtain a response through your Tampa serious injury attorney

The discovery phase is net up and it is the part where your attorney will be collecting more information about the accident and doing more investigations. You may be called by the at-fault party’s insurance company for questioning and you must respond. They may require you to see a doctor of their choosing for an exam, and they can ask for your documentation regarding the case, including your personal medical records. Once both sides have the information they need for their case, mediation follows. This allows you one more chance to come to an agreement. If you still cannot agree on an outcome, you will go to trial.

Where Can You Find A Tampa Personal Injury Attorney?

The process can be minimal or it can be long and drawn out. It can also be stressful. It is important you have an aggressive and experienced legal team on your side. The Tampa automobile accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law will fight vigorously on your behalf so that you obtain a full and fair outcome after your accident. Call Fulgencio Law today to schedule your free consultation at (813) 463-0123.



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