How Does A Personal Injury Attorney Fight A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

How Does A Personal Injury Attorney Fight A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

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Dogs may be man’s best friend but they are still unpredictable animals. One bite from these animals could cause you severe personal injury or even death. Statistics show that nearly one in five victims of dog bites require serious medical attention in the aftermath of their attack. While you personally may know the owner of the dog that attacked you, you shouldn’t have to suffer without compensation. Residences of Flordia should enlist the assistance of a professional personal injury attorney to win their financial restitution.

Dog Bite Infections.

Not only can you suffer from permanent scarring and nerve damage, but there are also a huge variety of diseases you can contract from dog bites. These infections can cause great pain or worse, depending on the severity of the infection and your treatment. The numerous types of dog bite infections include:

Rabies: Perhaps one of the most commonly-known infections, rabies still remains deadly if the proper vaccinations aren’t given to the dog by their owner. This disease is transferred through the bite and saliva of infected dogs and can become fatal if untreated.

Tetanus: Tetanus is a toxin that causes rigid paralysis and worse in deep bite wounds. 

Capnocytophaga bacteria: This bacteria comes into contact with most people on a daily basis. Capnocytohaga lives in the mouths of both dogs and cats and can be spread through close contacts such as scratches and bites. While Capnocythoaga may seem harmless to most humans, individuals with weak immune systems are more likely to become fatally ill from their dog bite.

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus): MRSA is a staph infection that’s carried by dogs and other animals. Unlike other bacteria, MRSA can resist certain antibiotics. MRSA can cause skin, lungs, and urinary tract infections. Even worse, MRSA can cause infections within a person’s bloodstream or lungs and lead to death.

Pasteurella: Seen in most infected dog bites, Pasteurella is a bacteria that can a painful red infection at the location of the bite. Swollen glands, swelling in the joints, and difficulty moving are also common side effects for victims with weak immune systems.

Besides the initial pain and suffering from the original bite, psychological trauma can follow the aftermath of a dog bite.

How Does A Personal Injury Attorney Fight A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

In the event that you’re the victim of a dog attack, seeking out the help of a Tampa dog bite lawyer will greatly increase your chances of winning compensation. A Tampa dog bites lawyer will examine all evidence of the case and highlight the negligence of the dog owner within the case. Your personal injury attorney will also use their years of legal experience to reduce your responsibility within the dog attack. How Does A Personal Injury Attorney Fight A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

Tampa Dog Bites Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog attack, contact Tampa dog bites lawyers at Fulgencio Law. Fulgencio Law offers a free consultation and no attorney fees until you win your reimbursement. The 60 years of legal experience at Fulgencio Law will win you settlements for your pain and suffering. If you’re in need of a Tampa dog bites lawyer, Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123.

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