How Deadly Are Florida Car Accidents?

How Deadly Are Florida Car Accidents?

Although some car accidents have higher incidents of death than others, any car accident can be fatal. Florida wrongful death laws indicate that when a person dies in a crash, it could be possible for the family of the deceased to recover financial compensation on their behalf. However, the statute of limitations in Florida for a wrongful death case is generally two years. So it is best not to delay in meeting with an attorney for advice, legal representation, and support.

Due to the complicated nature of filing a wrongful death suit in Florida, it can be advantageous for loved ones to meet with a Florida wrongful death attorney at Fulgencio Law. These delicate cases require the experienced and compassionate care of a talented legal professional. The legal team at Fulgencio Law can immediately begin building your claim and doing a comprehensive investigation into your case that can help you get the full amount of compensation you are owed.

Fatal Car Accidents in Florida

How Deadly Are Florida Car AccidentsAccording to the Florida Department of Highway Safety, there were 396,492 total crashes in the Sunshine State in 2022. Out of all the crashes reported, 3,311 crashes were fatal. The fatal crashes reported in Florida that year resulted in a total of 3,552 deaths. And, Hillsborough County, FL is one of the most dangerous areas of the state to drive with high numbers of fatal car accidents documented every year.

Bicyclists and pedestrians can also be involved in deadly accidents. For example, there were six bicycle deaths in 2022. There were also nine motorcycle fatalities and nine pedestrian fatalities. Additionally, in 2022, there was at least one person who died as a result of a hit-and-run crash.

In terms of deadly states to drive, Florida regularly falls in the top ten when compared to other states. Though, it is important to note that Florida is also one of the largest and most populous states in the nation. Because of this, there are far more resident drivers. Also, Florida is a highly attractive tourist destination which means that even more drivers from outside states and countries are also driving about on the roads.

To reduce the chances of death in a crash there are certain things that drivers and passengers can do. First, everyone should wear a seatbelt or for younger children, be sitting in appropriate child safety seats. Obeying rules of the road like sticking to the speed limit, avoiding driving when one is drowsy, not driving drunk, and steering clear of distractions while driving are also important.

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