Helping Teens Develop into Safe Drivers

Helping Teens Develop into Safe Drivers

If you are a parent of a teen who just got their driver’s license, this is a proud time as you mark a milestone. However, it can also be a scary time as you worry about your teen’s safety as a new driver when they head out onto the road. As a parent, you advise your child on what to do as a driver and what to be aware of, as well as what not to do. Don’t drink and drive, do not use your phone while driving and limit all distractions, do not speed, and obey the rules of the road, for instance. However, there are other things that you should do with your teen driver to improve their safety while operating an automobile.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the crash rate for teen drivers in the United States is extremely high. Teens aged 16-17 have the highest risk of fatal crashes when compared to other age groups. There are several reasons that can explain this, but the point is that novice teen drivers need not only extra encouragement but also regular and ongoing education concerning safe driving practices.

What Actions Can Encourage Safe Driving in Teens

Helping Teens Develop into Safe DriversThe following tips can assist you as a parent in your role of helping your teen grow into a safe driver. 

Familiarity with the Car

Every car operates differently and has its own dashboard with several buttons and dials that all have their specific purpose. The time to learn what each does is not while driving but rather before turning the car on. With the assistance of the car’s user manual, you and your teen can review what everything is and what everything does. Doing a practice run after you go over how the car operates with your teen can help them become more familiar with driving and using the car’s features.

Basic Car Maintenance

Have a toolkit and jack in your teen’s car and teach them how to use these tools for basic car maintenance like changing a tire. You can also show them how to check the oil level. And, even though many cars have automated sensors for tire pressure, understanding how to do this manually and then how to fill tires is another advantageous lesson that can help them be safer on the roads.

Establish a Pre-Driving Routine

Go over a routine your teen should do each time they get in the car and before driving. This would include checking the seat to ensure it is in the right position for their body, that the mirrors are adjusted to their sight level, and that they are situated so their feet easily and comfortably reach the pedals. Also, they should always make sure that they are buckled in and check to ensure that anyone else in the vehicle is also strapped in with their seatbelt or other safety seat.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you can have your teen driving, the more comfortable they will be and the better they will get. So, always make practice a priority.

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