Getting Covered after Hurricane Wind and Lightning Damage

Getting Covered after Hurricane Wind and Lightning Damage

Florida is well known for many things including sunshine, juicy oranges, beautiful beaches, great fishing, and amusement parks, as some examples. These things that are highly associated with the sunshine state are what attract people to come to visit every year as a tourist, and even to become part-time or full-time residents. Other things, though, are a little less attractive and can be difficult and dangerous to manage, such as the humidity, alligators, and of course, hurricanes. These highly destructive storms are an unfortunately common reality for anyone who lives in Florida. Hurricanes are a constant and regular occurrence every year and they have the potential to cause immense damage to homes and property. 

This is why Florida homeowners pay the price of having hurricane insurance. Should their home get hit, the destruction can be extensive and quite pricey. Having insurance for hurricanes is something that is required in some areas and recommended in others. If your home was damaged by wind and lightning that is brought by a hurricane in Florida but your insurance provider is refusing to pay for this type of damage, it is best to connect with a Florida property and insurance claim attorney for assistance.

What Damages are Included in Hurricane Damage Claims in Florida

Getting Covered after Hurricane Wind and Lightening DamageHurricane winds can be quite strong and as a result, they can lift up objects, and the debris can easily hit your home and cause incredible destruction. Windows are a vulnerable point in the home for damage by flying objects. Furthermore, fast-moving winds can damage your house by way of pulling off roofing shingles and siding for example.

The tremendous lightning that strikes through the air is another danger of hurricanes, as these electrical streaks can hit your home and spark a fire within seconds. Fires can be minor to severe but fire no matter how big or small can cause significant damage to a structure.

Fixing a home after a hurricane can be a big job, as well as an extremely expensive one. It is important that when you file your Florida hurricane claim, you are not denied the coverage you need and deserve. There is a reason you have the coverage and you pay the premium for it, when the time comes that you have to rely on it, you shouldn’t have to battle with the claims adjuster to get what you are entitled to receive.

The Florida hurricane claim attorneys at Fulgencio Law know that living in Florida and dealing with hurricanes comes with the territory. But this is precisely why you have insurance coverage, to begin with. If you are holding up your end of the deal by paying for the protection, then the insurance company should be there for you when it is time to collect. The legal team at Fulgencio Law is here for you in these situations and can help.

Call a Florida Property Insurance Claim Attorney Today

When your home is damaged by a hurricane it can be distressing and upsetting, to say the least. It is important that your insurance provider treat you fairly and help you with the aftermath of such an adverse weather event. To learn more about your legal options and for support, please call the Tampa property insurance claim attorneys at Fulgencio Law to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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