Food Therapy for TBI Patients

Food Therapy for TBI Patients

A traumatic brain injury can vary in how severe the symptoms that a victim suffers are. The type of injury, the extent of the injury, and where in the brain the injury took place all play a part in how much damage a person will have to endure. For example, a moderate TBI could cause dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, or tinnitus to name just a few of the many symptoms. By contrast, a more severe brain injury could result in issues with speaking clearly, seizures, chronic migraines, and numbness in the body. 

Traumatic brain injuries can result from an impact on the head. Sports, violence, traffic accidents, and slip and fall events are some of the most common ways that a TBI can happen. Victims who suffer from TBI may have a long road to recovery and there could be no ability to fully recover regardless of medical interventions and treatment. As a result, the ability to continue to work and earn a living and also pay for the costly medical treatment required can become an overwhelming burden.

If negligence by another party is what caused your TBI injury, options may be available to help you manage these damages. The Tampa brain injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help individuals in Florida who have suffered a brain injury by the careless actions of another secure the full amount of compensation they are owed for their losses.

Food Therapy and TBI

Food Therapy for TBI PatientsMedical professionals have many resources, treatments, therapies, and medical means to help patients overcome their TBI. In many cases what is available for a specific treatment plan will be effective. In other situations, a patient may not completely respond to the treatment administered to them. Still, researchers are always looking into different avenues that potentially could help individuals with various disease and injury conditions like TBI. One not to overlook is the powerful nourishment of food.

With TBI in specific, due to the many benefits omega acids have on the brain, it can be advantageous to consume supplements and food sources rich in these fats. Fish oil is often the first means many people think about when incorporating healthful omega-fatty acids into their diet. Supplementing daily with fish oil can make a difference.

However, fish oil is not the only way to ingest high-quality omega acids. Purslane, a succulent plant, for example, is full of omega-3 acids. The plant is very easy to find too as it can be grown in nurseries, inside your home, or outside in one’s yard. Consuming purslane as much as possible may assist a person suffering from a TBI to heal from their injuries. Since the plant is fairly versatile in how it is used, eating it may not be that difficult to do. Purslane makes an excellent addition to your favorite sandwich, it can be added to stir-fries, or mixed in with salads.

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Finding the best method to overcome a TBI can vary from patient to patient. Food can be an important part of one’s entire recovery plan. There also may be other therapies and medical treatments that are necessary to get one back to the best condition possible. To pay for these, a legal suit against the party that caused your damages could be the right approach. To learn more about your TBI injury accident situation and if filing an injury claim would be appropriate, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can meet with you to discuss your case during a free consultation. Call today to schedule yours at (813) 463-0123.

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