Florida Wrongful Death Claims for Children

Florida Wrongful Death Claims for Children

When negligence causes a fatal accident to take place, the family of the victim may have the right to file a suit for obtaining compensation on the behalf of the deceased. While money is never a substitute for the loss of a loved one, there are still expenses that come with the loss of life such as funeral costs, for just one example.

Losing a valued and beloved family member or spouse is incredibly difficult especially when it comes too early and the loss of their life could have been prevented. Parents losing a child, though, can experience pain that is heart-wrenching and devastating. 

If you suffered a tragic loss of life, thinking about how to respond legally may not be at the forefront of your mind, but securing compensation is something that you could be entitled to. To learn more about wrongful death claims in Florida, the Tampa wrongful death attorneys at Fulgencio Law can answer your questions and assist you with your pursuit of compensation.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida When a Child Dies

Florida Wrongful Death Claims for ChildrenIndividuals that are negligent in their actions, and as a result, cause a fatal accident can be held civilly liable for the death. Florida wrongful death statutes allow either the family of the deceased person or the deceased person’s estate to file a suit against a liable party.

Parents who lose their children in an accident caused by negligence can file a wrongful claim on behalf of their deceased children. The claim can include all the physical and tangible costs that come with the death, like medical treatment and burial expenses. A claim can also include both the emotional and mental anguish that the parents experience. It can be difficult putting a numeric value on such an ambiguous type of damage. But, with the help of an experienced Tampa wrongful death lawyer, assessing the value of pain, suffering, and mental distress can be more manageable.

There is little time to file a wrongful death suit for compensation. And while it may be hard to take action after the loss of a child, Florida’s statute of limitations only allows for two years after the fatal incident happened to file a claim. There are very limited circumstances when the statute of limitations may be extended, but for the most part, if parents fail to file within the statute of limitations they will lose their ability to recover compensation.

If you would like to learn more about the process of filing a wrongful death claim in Florida, the attorneys at Fulgencio Law can assist you and discuss with you what options you have.

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The Florida injury and wrongful death lawyers at Fulgencio Law can meet with you during a free consultation to discuss your case. It is not easy overcoming the loss of a child, but the parents and caregivers left behind have rights including obtaining compensation for their losses. Call Fulgencio Law today to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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