Florida Driving Safety Tips for Autumn

Florida Driving Safety Tips for Autumn

In the state of Florida, heavy rainfall can happen at any time. This is especially true during the late summer and autumn months. It is imperative that drivers keep in mind that the first 10 minutes of a rainstorm are the most dangerous. This is because grease and motor oil accumulate on the road’s surface, making it a slippery and dangerous driving surface. High speeds can make driving during storms even more dangerous. 

There are specific driving hazards you need to be aware of as fall approaches.  

Be Prepared for Wet Roads

Florida gets plenty of rain during the autumn months. Wet roadways can result in your vehicle losing traction and cause you to lose control of your vehicle, creating optimal conditions for an accident.

Do Not Brake on Leaves

In some instances, wet leaves are as slippery as ice. Lower your speed and avoid sudden braking. Stay in your lane, because leaves can hide potholes, and obscure lane lines, and other important road markers.

Avoid the Glare

Florida Fall Driving Safety Tips

Around the time of the equinox, the glare that occurs in the 30 or so minutes before sunset and after sunrise can make driving very difficult. At this time of day, the sun often aligns with roadways that run east and west. Keep your windshield clean and make sure you have sunglasses on hand.

Drive for the Conditions

When it rains, make sure you keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This is because wet roads can be slippery, and cause your car to hydroplane. You should stay about 5 seconds behind the car in front of you. For every additional hazard, you should add another second to this following distance. For instance, if you are driving at night and it’s raining, you should maintain a 6-second distance between two vehicles. Remember to use your fog lights or low beams when it’s foggy. Never use your high beams.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Ensure your vehicle is in proper working order. Always check that your headlights, brake lights, turn indicators, and taillights are working properly. Your tires should be regularly inspected and your windshield wipers should be regularly replaced. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  tires that have 2/32 of an inch of tread or less are unsafe. 

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