Filing a Claim for Sinkhole Damage in Florida

Filing a Claim for Sinkhole Damage in Florida

In areas where the rock under the surface of the land is made of limestone, carbonate, salt beds, or any other natural material that when in contact with groundwater will dissolve, the potential for sinkholes is great. Sinkholes can come by surprise because while the material below the surface of the land is disintegrating, for a time, the land on the surface may stay intact. But as more and more of the material below is disintegrated, the stability and support that exists for the land above decreases immensely. As a result, the land will collapse and the extent of such an occurrence can be minor or catastrophic.

Across the country, there are states that are more prone to sinkholes being present. Florida is one of them. According to the United States Geological Survey, sinkholes may be as small as a few feet wide to many hundreds of acres, and the resulting craters can be incredibly deep. The amount of destruction that may exist can vary but a sinkhole has the potential to swallow people, cars, and even buildings.

If your home or your business exhibits signs of potential sinkhole damage, you may be able to file a claim with either your homeowner’s or commercial insurance provider. For assistance, the Tampa sinkhole damage attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help you be successful with your claim.

How Can You Get Payment From Your Insurer for Sinkhole Damage in Florida?

Filing a Claim for Sinkhole Damage in FloridaMany times, sinkholes take time to form, but once they collapse, they can come about in quite an unexpected and rapid way. As the USGS notes, when this happens in an urban area, because of the number of people and property that are present, the outcome can be quite devastating in terms of injuries, property damage, home loss, and loss of life.

Signs of sinkhole damage include cracks, seeing depressions in your land, fencing looking slanted, or other indicators that the land is starting to dip. When you notice these things, you may have a sinkhole developing.

Filing a claim with your insurance carrier is the right action to take. But, the insurance company will likely try to find ways to deny your claim and when this happens, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help. With the use of expert engineers to review the situation, it may be possible to show that a sinkhole does exist. In this way, when a sinkhole is confirmed to be present, you may be able to obtain financial compensation from your insurer. 

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Working with a Tampa civil litigation attorney at Fulgencio Law can improve your chances of securing the most compensation from your insurance claim. You can meet with one of the talented attorneys at Fulgencio Law to discuss your situation during a free consultation. There is nothing to lose when you work with the seasoned legal team at Fulgencio Law. If our team is unable to obtain compensation on your behalf you will not pay anything.

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