Filing a Claim as a Passenger Injured in a Florida Car Accident

Filing a Claim as a Passenger Injured in a Florida Car Accident

Vehicle collision data indicates that passengers who are involved in car accidents often endure injuries that are far more serious than those of the vehicle’s driver. The most likely explanation for this particular phenomenon is that the driver instinctually turns their vehicle away from the point of danger, inadvertently putting their passenger at the point of impact. This often causes the passenger to sustain critical injuries such as severe head injuries and injuries to the spinal cord.

If you or your family member have been injured in a Tampa car crash while you were a passenger, you may be curious as to what your legal options are when it comes to obtaining financial compensation for your accident-related damages.

What Rights Do I Have as a Passenger in Florida? 

Whenever a passenger sustains injuries in a car accident, it does not matter which driver was at fault. Even if the passenger was riding in the at-fault vehicle, Florida does not expect passengers to absorb any of the liability for the incident. A passenger can only be held accountable for a car crash if he or she intentionally commandeered the steering wheel.

Passengers are entitled to solicit financial compensation for their injuries and other losses via the insurance company of the negligent driver. The insurance carrier will, however, be required to determine which driver was liable for the crash prior to any compensation being considered. 

Where Does My Compensation Come From?

Filing a Claim as a Passenger Injured in a Florida Car Accident

After being involved in an injury crash, passengers generally have multiple ways they cab pursue remuneration for their injuries. Some of these choices include:

  • The driver of the vehicle they were in: Passengers are permitted to file a claim for financial compensation from that person’s insurance carrier. Even though this may be somewhat awkward, particularly if the driver was a part of your family or a long-time friend, remember that car insurance exists for precisely this reason.  
  • The driver found to be at-fault for the crash: If the driver of the other vehicle was found liable for your collision, then you have every right to pursue financial compensation against their auto insurance provider.

Under special circumstances, there may also be a third party from whom you can solicit financial compensation. For instance, a government entity might be responsible for your collision if it was the result of a construction zone with no signs to warn drivers or a road hazard.

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys are well-informed on all state laws and are able to determine which of these options is available to you for your crash-related injuries.

Being involved in an injury accident as a passenger will probably cause you to consider what legal rights you have and how you can obtain the financial compensation you deserve for hospital bills, missed income, and other financial damages.

At Fulgencio Law, we have obtained millions in financial compensation for victims across Florida. We firmly urge you to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your Florida car accident claim to find out how we can help you.

Your initial consultation with our team is free and non-committal. Reach out to our Tampa personal injury attorneys at (813) 463-0123 to schedule an appointment. If you decide you would like for us to represent you, we have no upfront fees and you pay nothing for our legal services if we do not obtain compensation for your damages.

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