Filing a Civil Fraud Case in Florida

Filing a Civil Fraud Case in Florida

If you have been the victim of civil fraud, you are likely wondering how this could happen to you and what you can do if anything to remedy your situation. Fraud cases can be highly emotional and extremely distressing.

To learn more about your legal options, connecting with a Tampa civil fraud lawyer at Fulgencio Law can be advantageous.

How Do Civil Fraud Cases Work?

Filing a Civil Fraud Case in FloridaWhen a person is alleged to have committed fraud they can be facing both civil and criminal repercussions if they are found guilty. In criminal court, the victim of the fraud gets nothing but the satisfaction that there was a criminal punishment should a conviction be rendered. In order to directly be impacted by an outcome of a legal case when it involves fraud, a victim must file their own civil case.

For a victim of a civil fraud case to have a strong argument for financial compensation for their losses, they must show that the defendant acted in a willfully deceitful way, where they were dishonest in their actions and unfair to the victim. Their malicious behavior impacted the victim by inflicting upon them actual damages and losses.

For example, the following must be present in a civil fraud case in Florida for the victim to have a chance at success:

  • The defendant lied and knowingly made inaccurate promises or statements to the victim.
  • The victim used the guidance or false information that was given to them by the defendant to make a decision or engage in an action.
  • It was reasonable and understandable how the victim would have taken the false information and believed it and used it.
  • Economic damages and losses resulted from the false assertions by the defendant.

 Florida fraud laws indicate that three times the amount of losses a victim suffered can be recoverable in a civil case. Though, it is the duty of the victim to clearly show that fraud existed and that each of these factors above was true for their situation to be successful with a claim. 

Filing a civil fraud claim in Florida can be difficult and challenging. However, when you have talented and experienced legal counsel on your side guiding you and representing your best interests the prospect of filing such a suit becomes much more manageable. The Tampa insurance claim attorneys at Fulgencio Law can assist you with your fraud claim.

Some types of common civil fraud situations include:

  • Marriage
  • Contract 
  • Warranty
  • Internet
  • Check
  • Consumer

Speak with a Tampa Civil Consumer Fraud Attorney Today

If you have suffered losses from a civil fraud situation, you may be able to take legal action to get compensation. For more information about how civil fraud claims work and how you can file your own, please reach out to the Florida civil litigation attorneys at Fulgencio Law for legal guidance and support. You can schedule a free consultation with a trusted and knowledgeable lawyer at Fulgencion Law by calling (813) 463-0123.

There is a limited time to file a civil suit, so do not delay in connecting with a lawyer at Fulgencio Law today.

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