Electric Scooter Accidents in Tampa: Understanding Your Legal Rights

Electric Scooter Accidents in Tampa: Understanding Your Legal Rights

The electric scooter is not something that is new on the scene as the electric scooter goes back much farther than most think. While electric scooters have become more common and ever-present since the 1990s, the first electric scooter was invented in 1915 in New York. Similar to today’s response to the scooter, back then in 1915, the consumer was the first to jump onto using electric scooters leaving government officials late to the game and trying to catch up with legislation for their use.

Today, across the nation, e-scooters have seen a reemergence in popularity. This is mostly true in bigger cities where it is more feasible to use a scooter as a means to get around. Adding this mode of transportation into the mix, though, has caused some confusion and chaos. As a result, accidents have happened and controversy followed with proponents and opponents regarding the use of e-scooters standing firm in their respective positions.

Tampa officials determined that scooters were appropriate to use in the city and so they enacted regulations for using them. But, most of Tampa’s guidelines were set aside in 2019 when Florida put forth a statewide policy that regulated the use of e-scooters.

Using E-Scooters in Florida

Electric Scooter Accidents in Tampa Understanding Your Legal RightsAccording to Florida’s e-scooter laws, drivers must abide by the following rules:

Rules of the Road

E-scooters are to follow the same rules of the road that Florida bicyclists do and they also have the same rights that bicyclists have.

Using E-Scooters Legally in Florida

Since e-scooters are treated by the same laws that govern bicyclists, they are not allowed on the street. Instead, they can be operated in bike lanes. Likewise, cities can determine restrictions that may exist for their use on sidewalks or in parks.

Legal Age to Operate an E-Scooter

When it comes to age requirements, it depends on where an e-scooter is driven. If operating on a sidewalk, then anyone of any age is able to drive one. By contrast, if an e-scooter is driven on the road, in a bike lane, then an operator must be 16 years of age or older.

Driver’s License Requirements for Operating an E-Scooter

There are no driver’s license requirements for operating an e-scooter.

Titling and Registration

E-scooters do not require a title and they also do not need to be registered.

If you decide to ride your e-scooter in Tampa, the city has a few extra regulations to be aware of. Tampa does not allow the use of e-scooters on Tampa Riveralk, Bayshore Boulevard, or East Seventh Street in Ybor City.

While operating an e-scooter may be legal in Tampa in most locations, it is still recommended to use one with caution. Accidents can happen, and since riders of e-scooters have little protection around them they are vulnerable to suffering serious injuries or death in a crash.

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