Drowning Prevention In Florida

Drowning Prevention In Florida

Florida’s warm, tropical climate makes it an ideal environment for swimming. Many homes across the sunshine state have pools and as a result of the high numbers of pools in the state, there are also more drownings particularly for children. Florida leads the country in child drowning victims and according to the Florida Department of Health the leading cause of injuries and death amongst young children aged 1-4 is from drowning. When compared to the country’s statistics, drowning is fifth for injuries from unintentional death. 

Children are at higher risk of drowning for many reasons. Children may not have the skillset to be strong swimmers, their curious nature leads them to explore areas such as a pool where they can easily fall in, and young children don’t understand the idea of safety which is why young children must be always supervised. Children can get themselves into disastrous situations quickly, so parents and caregivers must keep a close eye on little ones. Drowning isn’t just for the young, although it is highly prevalent in children, it can also occur at any age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that 10 people will die from unintentional drowning each day, at least two will be 14-years-of-age and below.

Drowning Facts And Florida

  • Florida has the highest rate of fatalities in the country for children aged 4 and younger from drowning 
  • Children aged 4 years and younger are the most hospitalized group for non-fatal drownings and they also are the most at risk for drowning
  • Children age 5 years and younger lead the nation in drownings in a pool in Florida
  • Children aged 5-9 years have the highest risk of drowning in an open body of water such as a lake, pond, or ocean in Florida
  • Males have a 2.2 times higher rate for both fatal and non-fatal drownings than females
  • On average, a non-fatal drowning victim will spend approximately 2 days in the hospital and the average costs for that hospital stay in 2012 were estimated to be over $16,000

How To Prevent Drowning In Florida

In Florida, WaterproofFL is a program that was designed by the Florida Department of Health’s Injury Prevention Section to promote pool safety. It provides the public with information on how to safeguard pools and better protect children from drowning accidents. Some of the preventative tips include:

  • Enclose pools and spas by installing four-sided isolation fencing with a self-latching gate around them.
  • Install alarms on all doors and windows leading to the pool.
  • Learn to swim and never swim alone or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • When operating watercraft, do so safely and legally.
  • Do not dive into water less than nine feet deep.
  • Learn CPR.

Do You Need Legal Representation For A Drowning Accident In Florida?

Drowning Prevention In FloridaYou or your loved one may be able to collect compensation for injuries you obtained from a drowning accident. Specifically, if your accident took place on another individual’s property or that of business the owner of the property may be liable for the costs of the damages you sustained. These accidents can be in pools, lakes, ponds, or any other type of water facility. Accidents can happen at a personal residence, in an apartment complex, in a hotel, a theme park, or any type of business establishment with a water feature. It is up to the owner to maintain a safe environment and if owners are negligent in their responsibility, they may have to pay for the injuries that took place on their premises.

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