Do Motorcycle Accidents Fall Under Florida’s PIP Laws?

Do Motorcycle Accidents Fall Under Florida’s PIP Laws?

Florida is one of the 12 states in the nation that follows a no-fault insurance system. A no-fault system means that when a crash happens, only in certain circumstances can a victim file a claim against another party for compensation. In a no-fault state like Florida, when minor car crashes take place unless the damages were serious, individuals would have to use their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to obtain compensation for some of their damages. PIP can cover a portion of medical costs and property damages, but it does not pay out non-economic damages. Pain and suffering would be an example of non-economic damages. These damages would only be available when filing an injury claim against another party.

Motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents in Florida. For more information on what to do to recover compensation after a motorcycle accident in Florida, you can come in to speak with an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney at Fulgencio Law.

Do You Need PIP Coverage to Ride a Motorcycle in Florida?

Do Motorcycle Accidents Fall Under Florida's PIP LawsTo legally drive your car in Florida, you must have a certain minimum amount of PIP insurance coverage. This is required. Though, the same rules do not apply to motorcyclists. Motorcycles do not fall under Florida’s PIP laws.

If you have a motorcycle, you may still have PIP coverage if you also drive a car. Or you may have elected to purchase PIP coverage. 

No-fault rules mean that a crash must be catastrophic and cause significant physical bodily harm for an individual in Florida to take legal action against another party and file a claim for compensation. This is not the case with motorcycle accidents. That means that it does not matter if the damages you suffered from a motorcycle accident were mild or if they were extensive and life-altering. In any motorcycle accident scenario, you can file a claim against the party that caused your crash.

Fault does matter when filing a motorcycle accident claim in Florida. As a result, you should gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim. You should also consider working with an attorney that understands what to do, what information you need and what to look for, and also how to build a claim that establishes fault.

Even though the extent of damages will not inhibit a motorcyclist from filing an injury claim, in many cases, motorcyclists often sustain significant physical bodily harm when a crash happens. Obtaining the full amount of compensation they are owed when they have suffered serious losses is important. A motorcyclist could require costly medical care and surgery and need to take time away from work to recover, meaning they will not be able to earn an income, and that’s not all.

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Whether or not you are filing a PIP claim with your own insurance or if you are filing a claim against another party’s insurance, having an attorney help you can mean the difference between having your case dismissed and securing the highest amount of compensation possible. 

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