Determining Liability After a Weather-Related Florida Car Accident

Determining Liability After a Weather-Related Florida Car Accident

Florida is known for many things, with extreme weather being one of them. Inclement weather can be a huge problem for drivers because it can cause conditions that lead to an accident where people are hurt. However, just because the weather may have a role in an accident happening, that does not always mean that those involved in the crash are immune from liability. Drivers could still be fully or partially responsible for causing a crash.

If you were injured in a Florida car accident, having legal representation is critical to ensuring that you get the full and fair compensation that you are entitled to. Your attorney can evaluate your case and advise you on what options you have for maximum recovery. For more information after a crash, you are welcome to reach out to a Tampa car accident attorney at Fulgencio Law.

Determining Who is Liable for Damages When a Crash Happens in Bad Weather

Determining Liability After a Weather-Related Florida Car AccidentIn a country where there are approximately 5,891,000 car accidents every year, it has been reported that 21% of these accidents involve hazardous weather.

Hazardous weather can cause a variety of problems for drivers, including causing poor or diminished visibility and slippery roadways. A driver must adjust their speed to account for the conditions they are operating their vehicles in. In some instances, when the weather makes driving too difficult to do safely, other acts may be necessary for drivers. For instance, a storm may cause heavy rainfall that makes it close to impossible to see the roadway or anything else that may be around, including other cars. In this scenario, pulling over until a storm has passed or avoiding driving, if possible, could be the right approach.

Along with adjusting one’s speed or pulling over, a driver should also always keep up on regular maintenance of their vehicle. When a car is in good working order, with regular oil changes, tires with enough tread, and operational windshield wipers, for instance, this is also important for road safety. Staying on top of car maintenance can make it easier to safely operate a car in poor weather conditions.

Weather-related crashes can make determining liability much more difficult. A thorough investigation of the details of the crash will have to be done. Your attorney can do an investigation, the insurance company will do one, and the authorities will also inspect a crash scene. If a driver was behaving in a negligent or unlawful way when the crash took place, like using their cell phone or running a stop sign, then this can point to where liability should fall.

Speak to an Attorney at Fulgencio Law

When a crash happens, it is important to speak with an attorney. When you talk with your attorney, provide them with an accurate account of what you experienced so they have a starting point to evaluate your accident and determine liability.

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