Dangers of Car Accidents for Pregnant Women

Dangers of Car Accidents for Pregnant Women

Anyone that is involved in a car accident can feel overwhelmed and scared and these emotions can be especially elevated if they are injured. For women who are pregnant and involved in a car accident, this may cause the greatest feelings of terror because of the potential unknown damage that may have been done to their babies. Car accidents for pregnant women can not only put the safety and life of the woman in peril, but they also put the welfare of the baby in jeopardy.

There is a wide range of outcomes that can transpire when a car accident happens. In the most severe cases disabling permanent injuries and death are possible. Victims who were injured or lost loved ones due to the negligence of other drivers may benefit from speaking to an attorney. A legal professional like a personal injury lawyer will be able to effectively evaluate their accident and provide legal guidance on what options are available to obtain compensation for their losses.

In Florida, the Tampa car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal counsel to victims of car accidents and other personal injury events. It is imperative to secure the most compensation possible from an injury claim, and the aggressive Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law know how to get results.

Risks of Car Accidents for Pregnant Women

Dangers of Car Accidents for Pregnant WomenWhen a pregnant woman is inside a car that is hit by another vehicle, it is both the woman and her child who can be negatively impacted. There is a very real risk that a woman can lose her child. Some of the outcomes that may result after a crash could be:

  • If a woman’s pregnant abdomen that holds the baby experiences force this may cause placental abruption. As a result, the woman may start to experience excessive bleeding which can be deadly for the woman and her child. The abdominal impact can also cause premature labor.
  • When a pregnant woman’s car is hit her body may be thrust quickly back and forth which could also rattle the baby around and cause damage to the brain. They may experience coup-countercoup which is the brain smashing against the skull which can lead to significant brain damage and potential death.
  • Injuries to a pregnant woman that cause extensive bleeding can be deadly for her and her baby.
  • The force of a crash when a pregnant woman’s abdomen takes a blow can lead to uterine rupture. This can cut off the oxygen supply to the baby making the need for an emergency delivery of the child to have any chance of saving the baby’s life necessary.
  • Florida car accidents can lead to miscarriage. Every year, thousands of women across the country lose their baby’s to miscarriage in the aftermath of a crash.

Car accidents can have devastating and heartbreaking outcomes for a pregnant woman. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates these incidents happen with such high frequency, they are the primary cause of traumatic fetal deaths.

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