Common Causes of Tampa Car Accidents

Common Causes of Tampa Car Accidents

Car Crashes in Florida

Worrying about potential car accidents may be the last thing on your mind, but they happen to hundreds of Florida residents every year. The aftermath of a catastrophic motor vehicle accident an event can have devastating effects for not only yourself but for your loved ones as well. Accidents can happen to anyone, and, it’s important to be prepared and take the proper procedures in the event that you’re involved in an injury car crash.

How Human Error Affects Car Crashes

We may live in a world filled with advanced and receptive cars, but these technological advances cannot always stop the main cause of vehicle accidents in Florida; human error. Human error Common Causes of Tampa Car Accidentsplays a significant role in many auto accidents. From staring at social media to fumbling with coffee, human carelessness causes the majority of the state’s car accidents.  Some examples of human error include:

  • Speeding Over The Limit
  • Drunk Driving
  • Texting While Driving
  • General Disregard For Safety Regulations & Traffic Laws

These few easily avoidable mistakes are made by Florida motorist each and every year. Within the first few months of this 2019, Florida has already seen a staggering 63,505 car crashes. The statistics for previous years are even higher. 2018, there were over 400,000 crashes on Floridian roads.

Road Hazards Leading to Car Crashes 

Dangerous driving conditions are sometimes the culprits behind auto accidents in Tampa. No matter how careful a driver is, the roads may be filled with obstacles that can lead to motor vehicle accidents, especially if a driver is not being as cautious as they should be. some examples of common road hazards include:

  • Bad Weather
  • Road Debris
  • Pot Holes
  • Faulty Traffic Lights
  • General Vehicle Failure

These dangerous road hazards are also capable of causing severe accidents. While you may not necessarily face these hazards on a daily basis, it’s imperative that you remain vigilant while operating your vehicle to ensure you adjust your driving, speed, and direction to avoid potentially fatal road hazards.

Safety First

Operating a vehicle is an important and potentially catastrophic responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each and every time a motorist drives their vehicle, they are risking the lives of not only themselves but others around them.  to give our full and undivided attention to the road to ensure the safety of ourselves and our fellow motorist. When someone doesn’t adhere to this responsibility, injured victims have a right to seek compensation and the personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help.

Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a  car crash and need a Tampa car accident lawyer to defend your rights? With over 60 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Fulgencio Law know how to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.  We’ve earned the trust of the Tampa community through our client-friendly practices and commitment to ensuring fair representation for all of our clients. For a Tampa auto accident lawyer that has your best interest in mind, call Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123.

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