Common Causes of Florida Boating Accidents

Common Causes of Florida Boating Accidents

Even though Florida residents and visitors enjoy boating all year round, safety is still a serious issue where this popular pastime is concerned. In an attempt to reduce the number of boat accidents that happen, the state of Florida, as well as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, offer programs related to safety training to help keep boating fun and safe for everybody.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen and it is important to be familiar with the things that most often cause them. 

Inexperienced Boat Operators

Common Causes of Florida Boating Accidents

Florida isn’t especially strict in terms of requirements for operating any kind of personal watercraft. You must be at least 15-years-old and would-be boaters born on or after January 1, 1988, will be required to pass a Florida boating safety course. That’s pretty much it. This means that a lot of people operating boats and other personal watercraft lack confidence and experience when it comes to navigating Florida’s many waterways. 

Mechanical Failure

If you own and/or operate a boat or other personal watercraft, it is your duty to ensure that regular maintenance checks are performed to make sure that everything is in good, working order before you take your vessel out on the water. When people who own boats or the companies that rent them fail to correctly inspect their vessels, their negligence could end up causing a serious accident.  


In Florida, the weather can change at a moment’s notice, so even if the sky looks blue and clear when you start out, you could find yourself and your passengers facing unexpected torrential downpours or extremely high winds. Severe weather often makes it very difficult for boat or small watercraft operators to handle their vessels, resulting in accidents like their boat capsizing or possibly even sinking. As a responsible boat operator, you need to always be aware of and regularly check the weather forecast throughout the day. 


Although the thought of sipping a margarita or cracking open a cold one while you’re at the helm is tempting, it is important that you stay sober when you are operating any vessel on the water. The consumption of alcohol is the primary cause of Florida boating accidents, making up about 33% of all fatal recreational boating accidents. No different than driving under the influence, drinking while operating a boat or other personal watercraft is illegal according to federal law.  

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida

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