Childhood Drowning Facts in Florida

Childhood Drowning Facts in Florida

We all know Florida is sunny, warm, and humid. As such, the need for a swimming pool is almost an essential part of most homes and swimming is a normal part of daily life. This reality leads to Florida being the leader in the United States for the most little children drowning. For children up to 4-years-old, death by drowning is the leading cause of small child fatalities in this state. Each day there are approximately 10 drowning deaths that occur in our country. Out of these 10, there are at least two which occur in children under the age of 14.

Getting the Facts

Children ages 1-4 are at the highest risk for drowning resulting in death as well as hospitalization. These drowning accidents happen mostly in a pool for younger children under 5. Children who are a bit older, ages 5 to 9have a higher incidence of drowning in open bodies of water, namely the ocean.

Males make up 72% of all drowning fatalities and hospitalizations in 2012, versus females, who made up 28%. That is a stark difference. Many injuries result in the need for medical attention and what comes with that attention is multiple medical expenses and bills. Drowning is no different. Also, in 2012, the median costs that victims have accrued for non-fatal incidents came to about $16,034.


Childhood Drowning Facts in FloridaFlorida doesn’t take this chronic problem in their state lightly and has been proactive in launching programs like the WaterproofFL campaign. This program focuses on proper fencing as a form of security, as well as adding alarms to windows and doors that could be a potential gateway for a young child to get into a pool unsupervised. Additionally, the campaign places an emphasis on learning how to swim as well as ensuring that swimming is always done with a buddy and never under the influence.

The other components include safe practices when operating a watercraft, learning CPR, and safe swimming practices, including restricting diving to only those bodies of water that are more than nine feet.

Finding a Tampa Child Injuries Lawyer

Drowning accidents are undeniably tragic especially if they end in a fatality. If your child has been the victim of drowning incident in Florida, you could receive compensation for the damages and personal injuries that result from such an incident. When a drowning accident occurs on a property that is not yours (for instance, a public lake, swimming pool or a friend’s pool), the responsibility to pay for those damages accrued could be that of the owner.

To obtain more information, you need to talk to a Tampa area personal injury and child injuries lawyer. Fulgencio Law has over 60 years of combined experience between our trusted team of lawyers. We understand Tampa area child injury and we know how to build a successful case to help you recoup the costs you deserve for the damages you and your child suffered. Our client-friendly practices are just a part of the way we will work with you. We are focused on performing the best possible job we can for our clients and here to help you navigate the complex legal process of gaining compensation for childhood injury. One of our friendly lawyers is here to speak with you about your claim; simply call (813) 463-0123 today.


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