Challenges to Winning Slip and Fall Claims

Challenges to Winning Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall incidents can happen to anyone of any age. These incidents can take place anywhere and at any time as well. The elderly, or individuals aged 65 years and older are the most vulnerable demographic to suffering injuries from slip and fall incidents. 

The Florida Department of Health reports that for mature adults older than 65, falls are the main reason why injury deaths occur in the state. For the overall population, falls are the fourth leading reason why death takes place. Falls account for the most hospital admissions from non-fatal injuries in Florida. There were 2,475 Floridians that died from their fall accidents in 2012 and 62,541 that had to go to the hospital for their non-fatal fall injuries.

In some instances, negligence can be the cause of a fall accident. If this is true for the injuries you suffered from a fall accident, then you may have the ability to secure compensation for your damages by filing a Florida slip and fall injury claim. To have your case evaluated by an experienced Florida premise liability attorney, the talented team at Fulgencion Law can help.

Challenges to Winning Slip and Fall Claims

Do All Fall Accidents on Business Properties Provide Compensation? 

The aftermath of a slip and fall incident can be minor or severe and debilitating. A victim of a slip and fall incident can suffer immense harm and even death. When a slip and fall accident happens on another entity’s property and is the result of a lack of care in maintaining the property or another type of negligence on behalf of the owner, the victim may have a strong case to sue for compensation for the harm they endured.

Florida premise liability laws make it necessary for the victim of a slip and fall accident to prove that the owner of the property where they had their accident knew that the hazard existed. It is also the job of the victim to show that the owner did nothing to fix the hazard. These are not always easy facts to prove and are some of the most challenging aspects of filing a successful Florida premise liability claim. 

A property owner can agree that a slip and fall accident took place on their property, but they can also contend that they had no knowledge that there were any dangers present. As a result, they did not have the ability to address the issue and repair it. In the incident report that the owner may write, they will likely indicate that the fall incident took place due to peril on the property that the owner was unaware of.

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The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law understand the intricacies that come with slip and fall cases and how to investigate and examine these cases to establish liability. If you would like help with your Florida personal injury claim, call the talented and skilled Tampa civil litigation attorneys at Fulgencio Law to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123. 

The statute of limitations to file a Florida slip and fall claim is four years from the date of the incident so do not wait to start your claim.

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