Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case?

Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case?

If you were injured in a car accident, getting all of the compensation you can from your personal injury claim is imperative. This is especially true if you are severely injured. Treatment and medical care to manage one’s injuries can be quite expensive, and serious injuries that require surgery or rehabilitation and medications can add up fast. Even if you did not suffer catastrophic injuries and your harm is relatively minor, however, there is still a cost to getting the right treatment you need to recover. 

To prove your case for the compensation you are demanding from your claim, you may want to introduce an expert witness. In some cases this may be possible but not in others. It is best in these situations to work with an experienced attorney that knows how to evaluate a car accident case and determine what evidence can be used and will be helpful. The skilled and knowledgeable Tampa car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law can meet with you and help you with your injury claim.

When Can Expert Testimony be Used in a Florida Car Accident Case?

Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident CaseWhen you are reviewing what information and evidence you have to support your claim for compensation, you may be wondering if hiring an expert witness could be the right approach to strengthen your claim and help you be successful. It is essential to understand that if you believe that a witness would be advantageous for your side, then it is your responsibility to prove that the individual that you use is qualified to testify. If the argument against using a certain expert sways the court, then the witness may be barred from providing their opinion.

The individual that you select to be your witness must have the training, experience, education, or skillset that is related to the matter they are testifying about. For example, if a victim claims that their injuries stemmed from a car accident but a defendant argues that they could not be from the crash and uses a biomechanics expert to discuss the topic of force, the court can decide if that testimony may be used. If the victim can show that the biomechanics expert does not have a medical degree and therefore does not have the required qualifications, the court may agree and exclude their testimony.

There are several different types of evidence that may be used in your case. Identifying which are going to be the strongest and most relevant is something that your attorney can do for you. When car accidents cause losses, recovering financial compensation for them is important. The experienced legal team at Fulgencio Law can help you recover the damages you suffered from your crash.

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In the aftermath of a car accident in Florida, when you are injured your focus should be on healing and getting better. Your attorney at Fulgencio Law can handle the legal burdens of getting the compensation you need. Call Fulgencio Law today to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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