Can You Sue After a Florida Car Accident if You Were Not Hurt?

Can You Sue After a Florida Car Accident if You Were Not Hurt?

Car accidents happen every day in the United States. There are an estimated six million that happen annually, and they often produce tremendous destruction, physical bodily harm, and death. However, not every accident is catastrophic and results in injuries. Sometimes a crash produces mainly property damage. Other times it may seem like the only losses suffered from a crash was damage to one’s property, but then, later on, symptoms of an injury develop that were related to the crash.

Victims of car accidents who do not understand the personal injury claim process or what their rights are can come in to see one of the Tampa car accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law. If you were in a crash, you may be able to take legal action to recover the costs of your losses. When you are unsure about what you can do after a crash, a seasoned and experienced injury attorney at Fulgencio Law can advise you of your options.

What Happens if You Aren’t Severely Hurt After a Crash in Florida?

Can You Sue After a Florida Car Accident if You Were Not HurtFlorida follows a no-fault insurance system. What this means is that when a crash happens, people will use their own insurance coverage to help them with the expenses associated with the incident. Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage is required in Florida and is what will be used to pay for damages from minor crashes.

Regarding filing a suit for compensation, due to Florida’s insurance laws, only in situations where a crash produced significant and substantial damages and injuries would it be possible. When a suit is filed, a victim can sue for medical expenses, pain and suffering, payment for missed wages, and property damages. 

Lesser car accidents that do not produce significant injuries will mean victims cannot sue and take their cases to court. Additionally, these car accidents will not pay for non-economic damages like pain and suffering compensation. 

In summation, to answer the question of if you have the right to sue with minimal or no injuries, the answer is no under Florida’s laws. It will take considerable physical bodily harm like disfigurement or loss of bodily function, for instance, to file a suit. Economic and non-economic damages can be included in a suit. Non-economic damages are not covered in minor accidents, and a person’s own PIP insurance will help pay for most of the economic costs like property damage, medical bills, and missed income from time away from work.

Additionally, if you hit another car, but the result is only minor damage, then you will not be sued by that driver. They will turn to their PIP insurance. No-fault insurance means that when a crash happens, it does not matter who was responsible for causing it. Only in situations where the damages are substantial would liability matter.

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If you were harmed in a car accident in Florida, you can come in to meet with one of the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law for more information on what steps to take next. You may be able to file a personal injury claim to cover all of your economic and non-economic damages.

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