Can You Record Someone After a Florida Car Accident?

Can You Record Someone After a Florida Car Accident?

Have you ever called a business and before you speak to anyone you hear a recording saying that your phone call may be recorded for training and/or quality purposes? After a car accident, if you called your insurance company, something like this may be exactly what you hear, and there is a purposeful reason why. Insurance companies can not record what you say if you do not know that they are recording you. So, by adding this automated message they are able to get around the laws about recording your words. 

There are many tactics that insurance companies will engage in when they are put in a position where they may have to pay someone for their harm. The insurance company does not ever want to have to pay because that affects their profits. Where they can find information that can devalue or void claims, they will work hard to get it and use it. This is why after an injury accident like a car accident in Florida it is so important to get in touch with a legal professional. These individuals understand how insurance companies operate and they know how to safeguard you from these deceitful strategies. The knowledgable Tampa car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law are here to support you and assist you when you are pursuing compensation from an insurance company.

Recording Other’s Statements in Florida

Can You Record Someone After a Florida Car AccidentThe same rules, with respect to recorded statements, apply to private individuals too. Meaning, that, for example, if you are in a car accident and you decide to record another party you must tell them you are doing this. They, then, must give you permission to record them. If you do not ask for their consent to record or if you do and they tell you no, then you cannot use the recording that you have as evidence against them.

This is something that happens quite often. After an injury accident, a victim who knows their rights and that they can pursue compensation by way of filing a Florida personal injury claim may get ahead of themselves. Thinking that recording another party involved in a crash and using their words against them as a piece of evidence in their injury claim makes sense on the surface. This is especially so if the other party admits fault for the accident. However, without their knowledge and consent, recording another party’s words is a futile effort.

Building a strong and compelling personal injury claim is the best way to improve a victim’s chances of getting the most financial compensation. Only qualified evidence can be used, though. To learn more about what evidence is important for an injury claim, like medical bills and records, for instance, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can give you more guidance.

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After an injury accident in Florida, the Tampa civil litigation attorneys at Fulgencio Law have extensive knowledge of the personal injury claims process and what is needed to be successful in securing compensation. To learn more, please call Fulgencio Law to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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