Can You Obtain Compensation if Your Child Was Injured on a Playground?

Can You Obtain Compensation if Your Child Was Injured on a Playground?

Children love to go outside and play. Nothing is more fun and attractive than an open playground full of slides, climbing walls, and bars to hang from. While children every day run around and play at playgrounds all across the United States without incident, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the number of accidents that happen at these play sites is quite high. Over 200,000 injuries that require emergency room treatment will take place across the country on an annual basis for children aged 14 years and younger who were hurt at a playground.

Not every situation where a child is injured while playing is a result of negligence. But in some instances, there may have been hazards present that could have caused a child’s playground injuries. When a child is badly injured, it is the parent’s responsibility to get that child care and pay for the resulting medical treatment that is necessary to recover. But, if the child was harmed on a property that was unsafe, a parent may be able to take legal action to recover compensation for all of the damages that they and their child had to endure.

How to Obtain Compensation after a Playground Injury?

Can You Obtain Compensation if Your Child Was Injured on a PlaygroundIf the playground where your child was romping about had defects or was not well maintained, it may be advantageous to take your case to a premise liability attorney for review. In Florida, the experienced Tampa premise liability lawyers at Fulgencio Law can protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve from an accident that took place on a faulty property.

Owners of property have a reasonable duty to keep their property maintained and free of hazards that can harm people. When your child was innocently using the equipment on the playground in the way it was meant to be used but was harmed doing so, the owner of the property may be culpable.

For example, if a metal slid was broken and had sharp areas sticking out or a jungle gym was not put together correctly, it is highly likely that a child could be severely hurt while using the slide or the jungle gym. There may be several parties who could be liable for financially compensating you including:

  • The company that manages the playground.
  • The manufacturer of the defective playground toys and apparatuses.
  • A person or group that had a responsibility to monitor children on the playground for safety and neglected their duties.
  • The organizers of an event where a playground was included in the activities.

If there was negligence on the part of a property owner or other entity, you can file a Florida premise liability claim or a personal injury claim on behalf of your child. Included in the damages that you seek, you may be able to add:

  • Pain and suffering.
  • Medical treatment and medications.
  • Missed wages from time away from work to care for your child.

There may be other damages that also exist which you can add to your claim for compensation and an experienced attorney will be able to identify them.

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