Can You Get Pain and Suffering Compensation in Florida?

Can You Get Pain and Suffering Compensation in Florida?

If you were injured by another party’s negligent actions in Florida, your Personal Injury Protection coverage will pay for your medical costs. This is because Florida follows a no-fault insurance system. The problem with PIP, though, is that it only takes care of 80% of your medical costs. As for lost wages, just 60%. Also, you cannot get compensation for pain and suffering through PIP. 

While PIP coverage is helpful, it does not cover all of your expenses after an accident. Depending on how severe your losses were, you may still have a big bill even with your PIP coverage. This is why taking your case to a qualified attorney can be so advantageous. The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can review your case to determine if filing a Florida personal injury claim would be beneficial.

Getting Compensation for Pain and Suffering in Florida

From a legal perspective, when you file a personal injury claim against a negligent party you can include the damages you suffered, both economic and non-economic. Economic damages would be tangible expenses like the cost of your medical treatment. Non-economic damages would be those that are more subjective in nature and do not have an exact price tag. Pain and suffering damages fall into the non-economic category.

Can You Get Pain and Suffering Compensation in Florida

Pain and suffering damages cover the physical pain that you feel from your accident and the mental anguish that you experience from it as well. Mental and physical pain and suffering can be calculated for what you are presently enduring and what you will face in the future.

This is because pain and suffering may not be fleeting and can have long-lasting negative implications for your life. For example, if your injury accident was catastrophic, you may develop post-traumatic stress disorder or paralyzing depression that persists long after your accident happened.

There are no set-in-stone guidelines for determining how much your pain and suffering are worth.  When you work with an attorney that understands the personal injury process you can get assistance figuring out what makes sense for your case. The experienced Tampa car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law know how to evaluate your condition and put a fair amount to what your pain and suffering should be. 

When your damages exceed your PIP coverage, then it could be possible to file a personal injury claim for that much-needed financial compensation. Your attorney will be best positioned to advise you on your options. Through a Florida personal injury claim, you can include your pain and suffering damages and this is how you can recover those losses.

Car accidents and other injury incidents can be incredibly traumatic and expensive. Medical costs, property damage, missed wages, and pain and suffering add up quickly. Getting compensation for these losses is necessary and the Tampa civil litigation attorneys at Fulgencio Law can fight on your behalf so your rights are protected and you get the most favorable results from your claim.

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It could be possible to have your losses such as pain and suffering recovered by way of a personal injury claim. To learn more and to have your questions answered, the knowledgeable attorneys at Fulgencio Law are here to help. Call Fulgencio Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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