Can You Be Compensated For Damages After Your Dog Is Attacked?

Can You Be Compensated For Damages After Your Dog Is Attacked?

In Florida, if a dog bites a human the victim of the attack can pursue compensation. What happens when a dog bites another dog, does the ability to pursue a suit still apply? After all, for most dog owners these animals aren’t just pets, they are loved, family members. The pain we feel when our dogs are hurt will lead us to do anything we can to get them to feel better again. This includes expensive visits to the vet for treatment. Is there any way to recoup those costs in Florida?

Even though we see our dogs like another part of our family, the law doesn’t see it the same way. Legally, dogs do not have protections the same way that a person does. Dogs are considered to be property. This means that if your dog is hurt, the law sees it as your property is damaged. In this way, you can seek compensation for the costs you had to take on to mend the damages.

What Are The Florida Dog Bite Laws?

Florida uses strict liability for dog attacks on humans. So if you are attacked by a dog whether it be in a public place or if you are legally on private property, the owner of the dog is responsible for paying for the damages that result from the attack. In Florida, the law isn’t concerned with the owner’s knowledge of previous aggressive behavior of their dog or any knowledge they may have regarding their dog’s ability to attack. Now, if you have provoked the dog and that is what lead to your injuries, then you are likely not going to be able to obtain compensation.

Additionally, dog owners are responsible for damages their dogs impose on domestic animals and livestock. When your dog has been bitten by another owner’s dog, you should seek the assistance of a Tampa dog bite injury attorney to help you build a strong claim that recoups the most compensation possible. Your suit may include the following damages:

  • Medical costs for treating the dog’s injuries, such as at the vet
  • Emotional trauma you or your family suffered from the concern over the injuries to your dog or the pain you endured from the premature death of your pet
  • When the dog is highly specialized such as in the case of a service dog, there is a monetary value to this loss

It is up to you to prove that there was negligence on behalf of the dog’s owners which caused the attack. You must collect as much documentation as possible so that you and your attorney can put together a strong claim. Witness testimonies, copies of bills related to your dog’s care, and pictures of injuries and the attack scene are all important aspects of a successful claim.

How Can You Recoup Costs That Resulted From An Attack On Your Dog In Tampa?

Can You Be Compensated For Damages After Your Dog Is AttackedFulgencio Law’s team of Florida dog bite attorneys have compassion for residents who have had to experience such an awful event as having your beloved dog injured by another person’s pet. We care about your ability to obtain compensation so that you can get your dog the much-needed medical treatment that is required to heal and feel better.

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