Can I File a Dog Bite Claim if my Dog was the Victim?

Can I File a Dog Bite Claim if my Dog was the Victim?

Your dog is much more than a pet that you take care of. After all of the years that you’ve spent with them, they’re practically family. And like family, whenever any type of harm comes their way, you’re going to want to obtain justice for your loving family member. But what happens when the dog of another owner bites your own lovable family member? The rules for obtaining compensation for dog victims in dog bite claims may be different, but you rest assured knowing that there are ways of collecting financial restitution for the pain and suffering inflicted on man’s best friend.

Dog Bite Laws In Florida

In the State of Florida, dog owners are always liable whenever their dog attacks someone, whether in public or when the victim was legally on private property. No matter the history of the owner’s dog or the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s propensity for violence, they are always held accountable for the dog’s actions. Unless the victim in question provokes the owner’s dog, the owner will always be held accountable in applicable situations. A similar Florida law applies to the animals that are injured by dogs. Generally speaking, both laws dictate that proper compensation and justice can be obtained for your canine companion in the event that they are severely injured by another owner’s dog.

The Potential Damages That You And Your Dog Can Suffer

Seeing your something that’s practically a family member becomes injured can be a truly traumatic experience. Not only for your dog but your family as a whole may have psychological damages as a result of the experience. In terms of the physical aspect of the senior, the possible damages that are done to your canine companion may come with a hefty veterinary bill. Similar to the bill of a regular hospital, the cost of surgery and treatments for your dog may begin to add up. And depending on the viciousness of the attack, the chances of your family friend being the same might be slim.

In the event that your family friend passes away, not only will you lose a friend but you may also lose an investment. Some breeds of dog are notorious for being expensive and others are invaluable service dogs that help their owner navigate their way throughout life.

How To Recieve Compensation For Your Dog Being Bitten

Can I File a Dog Bite Claim if my Dog was the Victim?Similar to a personal injury case, you will have to prove the negligence of the owner. For example, you’ll need to have evidence such as photos of your dog’s injuries, testimonies from witnesses, and other important aspects that will prove that your dog’s injury could have been avoided.

Tampa Dog Bites Lawyer

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