Building a Strong Injury Claim After a Fall Accident

Building a Strong Injury Claim After a Fall Accident

Slip and falls can happen in many different situations. If you were hurt on another person’s or entity’s property because there was some type of hazard you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that falls are the reason behind more than eight million visits to emergency rooms every year. Falls are the leading reason why emergency room trips are made making up over 21% of the visits annually. 

If you live in Florida, a Tampa slip and fall attorney can help you obtain compensation after your injury incident takes place. The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can review your case and assist you with a personal injury claim.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Building a Strong Injury Claim After a Fall AccidentIf you were injured after you slip and fell on a property, you can file a claim for compensation but you only have four years to do it in the state of Florida. This is Florida’s statute of limitations. If you miss filing your claim during the statute of limitations, then you could relinquish your ability to get the compensation you need for your damages.

To build a solid personal injury claim after your slip and fall accident the following actions should be taken:

  • To ensure your injuries are diagnosed properly and that they get the treatment necessary to help you recover, it is critical to see your doctor. Without treatment, your condition could progress and become worse. Also, keeping your medical documentation is necessary to support your personal injury claim.
  • Study your environment to see why you fell and if something caused it. If the property was not properly maintained and had a hazard like uneven flooring or if lights were not working, for example, any of these could have been why you fell. If there were actions that could have been done and should have been done to eliminate the perils but were not this is important to note for your claim.
  • Visible evidence can boost the strength of a claim. So if you can take pictures of your environment and the location where your fall took place will also be critical to your claim.
  • Witnesses that may have seen your accident happen can provide a statement about what they saw. While it may feel embarrassing after a fall, neglecting to speak to others that may have seen you fall omits a potentially powerful piece of evidence to support your story.
  • Ask if the business files an accident report. If they do be very detailed when you describe your accident. Getting a copy of the report is also imperative.
  • When you get a chance record everything you can think of about how the fall happened. Also, write down information about your injuries and the amount of discomfort you are experiencing. Doing so soon after your accident keeps the events and your feelings fresh in your head.

Speak with a Tampa Injury Attorney Today

Having skilled legal representation that can manage your claim on your behalf can allow you to focus on getting better knowing that your claim is being handled by professionals. To schedule a free consultation with the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Fulgencio Law, please call (813) 463-0123.

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