Can a Doctor's Apology be Used Against Them in a Florida Court

Can a Doctor’s Apology be Used Against Them in a Florida Court?

When medical treatment goes wrong the negative outcomes a patient may experience can be devastating. If negligence was a factor in poor medical treatment that harmed a patient, this may be a reason for the patient to file a medical malpractice claim for compensation for the damages they suffered.  Medical malpractice claims are highly complicated and complex and often settle on the side of the medical provider. Research that examined the outcomes of medical malpractice claims over two decades showed [...]

What Happens if You Accept a Low Settlement Offer

What Happens if You Accept a Low Settlement Offer?

There are several types of damages a person can suffer during an injury accident. Medical expenses, property damages, and lost wages are just a few examples. When word gets to an insurance adjuster that an injury accident has taken place, the adjuster may rapidly reach out to victims to see what information they can get and find ways to reduce any financial liability for their company.  With the rush of adrenaline and the shock that can come after certain injury [...]

Does a Child's Age Matter in a Personal Injury Claim

Does a Child’s Age Matter in a Personal Injury Claim?

Parents do everything that they can to keep their children safe and protected from harm. Even the most doting parent, though, cannot be there every second of every day and as a result, are not completely able to fully keep their children from being harmed. When an accident does happen and a child is injured it may be possible to have their damages paid for by filing a personal injury claim. Parents who believe that a negligent party caused their [...]

How Can Dental Malpractice Happen?

How Does Dental Malpractice Happen?

It is important to see your dentist regularly every year to maintain good oral health. If there are any issues identified, prompt treatment can best manage those problems and improve a patient’s ability to correct them and preserve their overall wellbeing. However, dentists like other medical providers can make mistakes during dental procedures. And similar to medical malpractice, dental malpractice can also happen.  When a dentist makes errors in judgment or is negligent in their actions, patients can suffer serious [...]

The Most Common Unexpected Injury Accidents

The Most Common Unexpected Injury Accidents

Most likely, when you get up in the morning you are thinking about things such as what you are going to have for breakfast, where you are going to get a good cup of coffee, or the tasks at hand for the day. Regardless, you are probably not thinking about or expecting that you will be injured in a sudden accident. Unfortunately, with the many different ways that injury accidents can happen, it is not out of the question [...]

Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case

Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case?

Car accidents are quite prevalent in the United States. In fact, when compared to other industrialized countries, the United States regularly reports some of the highest numbers of car crashes. The rules of how a victim of a car accident can be compensated for their damages vary by state. In Florida, if you are injured in a car accident you would first go to your own insurance to obtain compensation. However, if your damages are substantial and caused by [...]

Who to Call Right After a Car Accident

Who Should I Call Right After a Car Accident?

After a sudden car crash, you may be unable to think straight and be unsure about what steps to take and what you need to do. It is only natural to want to make a phone call to speak with someone about what just transpired, and often, the person you choose tends to be a trusted loved one. Spouses, parents, and close friends are many times those people who get the initial phone calls when a traumatic event transpires. However, [...]

Do Florida Businesses Have to Have Security

Do Florida Businesses Have to Have Security?

Florida is home to several high-end attractions, delicious restaurants, and many entertainment venues. While owners of these properties must maintain them to ensure that they are safe for the public to enter, they must also ensure that they are reasonably secure. Depending on the type of business and its location, security measures can include extra lighting, cameras, security personnel, and more. Even though proper security is essential to keeping the public safe when on a business’s property, not every [...]

Symptoms of Nerve Damage from Dental Mistakes

Symptoms of Nerve Damage from Dental Mistakes

A very common fear is fear of the dentist. Dental anxiety is a problem and major issue causing people to forgo regular dental appointments and as a result, develop conditions from poor oral hygiene. Dental anxiety happens for both men and women, but one study suggests that women tend to experience dental anxiety more so than men. Still, gender, age, or education level are not indicators of dental anxiety because anyone can suffer from this condition. Sometimes the fear of [...]

Loss of Consciousness Defense in Florida

Loss of Consciousness Defense in Florida

The vast majority of car accidents that take place in Florida and across the nation happen by way of some type of driver error. Drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving are a few examples of common causes of car accidents. Of course, in limited situations, other factors could be the cause like if a car malfunctions because it has a defective component. Then there are also times when an emergency arises for a driver who experiences an unforeseeable and [...]