Bicycle Safety Tips For Children In Florida

Bicycle Safety Tips For Children In Florida

Riding a bicycle in the state of Florida is a popular pastime for adults and children alike. Our warmer temperatures and scenic views make for a perfect setting to enjoy this healthy outdoor activity. Children in specific tend to ride bikes at a higher rate than other age groups, primarily because it is a way for younger ones to get out and about when they are still too little to drive. Bicycle riding is so popular in children parents need to take note of tips that will keep their children safe from accidents and injuries.


The Children’s Safety Network reported that there are close to 200 children under the age of 15 will lose their lives from bicycle-related injuries annually. In addition to these deaths, there are thousands of hospitalizations from injuries related to bicycles for these young children. Helmet use can reduce the risk of head injuries by approximately 45%. However, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, less than half of youths that are under 14 wear a helmet while they are riding. 

In the state of Florida, helmet use for youths is not an option. It is required that children under the age of 16 wear a helmet while riding their bike. As parents, a properly fitted helmet is a proactive way to keep your child safe when they are out on a ride.


A bike, just like a vehicle needs maintenance to stay safe on the roads or sidewalks. As a bike is used, the parts will wear down and need to be checked to see if there need to be replacements. Failing brakes or faulty gears will prove to be hazardous on the road, so do a check over your child’s bike now and then to ensure it is safe to ride. Bike shops are another alternative to offer maintenance checks and tune-ups if you are unsure what to look for or how to provide the necessary fixes.

Keep a Close Eye

While children are just learning to ride their bikes and until they are old enough and confident enough to go out on a ride, parents need to accompany their children. Parents can easily go on a walk while they ride, bike along with them, or go on a jog next to them. Inexperienced bicyclists need time and practice to be proficient and safe. 

Defensive Riding

Bicycle Safety Tips For Children In FloridaWith experience comes confidence, and as time progresses, parents must teach children to be alert on the roads and to follow safety rules. Not darting out into the streets, waiting at intersections and looking both ways, these are just two types of behaviors young bicyclists should do while riding to ensure that they are safe from traffic. Little riders can be hard to see for drivers and if a car hits them, the outcome could be deadly.

Cyclists face a dangerous reality in Florida, which is said to be one of the most unsafe states to ride with many accidents reported regularly. If your little one is hit by a reckless or negligent driver, getting them into seeing medical attention is the first thing you need to do to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Then contacting a Florida bicycle accident attorney to guide you and help you with your personal injury claim is the next step.

Tampa Bicycle Accident Attorneys

At Fulgencio Law, we care about victims in the state of Florida. Felipe Fulgencio is a Tampa personal injury attorney who can help you work through the legal system and obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve for your child’s injuries and losses. Don’t hesitate to call Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123 to set up a free consultation with a Tampa child injury attorney today.


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