Basics of Medical Malpractice

Basics of Medical Malpractice

The Definition Of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to scenarios in which personnel within the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, and dentists, fail to fulfill their responsibilities to patients. Neglect by such personnel can lead to severe injury or even death in some instances. Not only can the incompetence of medical personnel impact your health, but these otherwise avoidable mishaps can end up costing you severely in medical fees. Even more concerning, statistics show that, annually, more than 250,000 deaths can be attributed to medical malpractice, proving that medical malpractice is something that you or a loved is likely to experience one day.

What Is Considered Medical Malpractice?

Unfortunately, medical malpractice can occur in many forms. Whether it’s in a nursing home, dentist office, or traditional hospital setting, you’re always at risk of experiencing medical malpractice. Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Being prescribed the wrong drugs
  • Being misdiagnosed
  • Having the incorrect medical procedure performed on youBasics of Medical Malpractice
  • Becoming ill due to poor hygiene of the medical personnel
  • Having avoidable birth complications due to negligence by medical personnel
  • Having a loved once experience abuse within a facility meant to care for them
  • Losing a loved within the E.R due to the incompetence of medical personnel

Numerous situations could be deemed as medical malpractice. No matter the situation, each of these cases share a common theme of avoidable tragedy. In the event that you find yourself the victim of medical malpractice, seeking professional legal assistance should be your first course of action.

Seeking Justice For Medical Malpractice

When seeking medical attention from trained medical personnel, you expect the best medical care possible. Not only are you spending your hard earned money on their medical services, but you’re also trusting these doctors, nurses, and dentists with either your loved one’s health or your very own wellbeing. For this reason, amateur mistakes should not be tolerated by valuable patients. Suspected victims of medical malpractice should acquire professional legal assistance from trustworthy lawyers.

Statue Of Limitations For Medical Malpractice

The state of Flordia has a two-year time limit for how long you have to film a medical malpractice claim. The moment you become aware that you were a victim of malpractice starts your time limit of seeking professional help from a Tampa medical malpractice lawyer.

Letting your timelimit lapse for filing a medical malpractice claim will void any chance you have obtaining compensation for your pain and suffering. Precautionary actions, such as obtaining a copy of your medical records, should become your top priority when filing a medical malpractice claim. The earlier you file your claim, the higher your chance of receiving proper compensation will be.

Tampa Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, Fulgencio Law is here to support you. No other Tampa medical malpractice lawyer will give you legal assistance as well as quality representation. With over 60 combined years of experience amongst our dedicated team of lawyers, you’re in trusted hands. Not only does Fulgencio Law feature national legal experts but international experts are also here to give you impeccable legal support.

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