Award Winning Recognition

Award Winning Recognition

Award Winning Recognition – Again!

The 2019 Law Firm 500 results are in, and we are proud to announce that Fulgencio Law has been recognized as the 32nd fastest-growing law firm in the country. Last year, our firm was recognized as the 65th fastest growing law firm in the United States, but we knew we could do better. So we did.

We are, once again, humbled beyond words by this incredible recognition. To all of those who have contributed to our success, thank you for helping us achieve the honor of ranking among the top law firms in the US. To view the awards and winners, visit or the specific page for our law firm:

Top 500 Law FirmsDay in and day out, our entire staff works tirelessly to improve our business – to find new efficiencies, to discover new and exciting ways of doing old things, and to provide the best experience for our clients in a time of difficulty. We do so not because we are looking for awards or kudos – humble brag is not our thing – but because improvement and growth are two of the most important values that form the very basis of who we are as a company. We live it every day as individuals, as team members, and as a business. In the same way we challenge ourselves, we also ask our clients to grow, to persevere, to look for creative ways to get better, to hold themselves accountable when they make mistakes, and to continue to seek a better future. The way we see it, we just cannot ask these things of our clients if we are not willing to do them ourselves, too.

So, this award is much more than just a pat on the back; it is evidence that we are firmly on the right path. It is evidence that our mistakes, our adjustments, and our improvement, show that Fulgencio Law is living in alignment with our core vision:

“To conceive creatively, to execute with clarity, to work efficiently, and to achieve with integrity. Capitalizing on these qualities, we strive to obtain remarkable successes for our clients.”

So, thank you to Law Firm 500, for celebrating innovation!

About the Award:

The Law Firm 500 Award is a selection of the fastest-growing law firms throughout the nation. Selections are made yearly based on firms that have shown revenue growth and show innovation, operational excellence, and commitment to taking care of their clients. Each nomination is reviewed and subjected to an identical review process for rankings to be determined.

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