Are Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits the Same Thing?

Are Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits the Same Thing?

If you have been injured in an accident, you may have a vague understanding of your rights and ability to be compensated for your losses. As a result, you may have heard the terms claim and lawsuit before and even used interchangeably. This could lead you to think they are the same thing. But, infact, they are not.

After an injury accident in Florida, even if you believe you know what you should do to obtain the compensation you need, it still can be a good idea to meet with an attorney. When you take your case to a lawyer for an evaluation, you can get answers to your questions and learn exactly what your options are to recover compensation. An attorney can assist you throughout the claims process and help you recover the most compensation because an attorney can explain to you what your claim is worth. This helps during negotiations where the goal is obtaining maximum recovery.

You are welcome to reach out and call a Tampa personal injury attorney at Fulgencio Law when you want to take legal action against a party or entity that hurt you.

Comparing A Personal Injury Claim to a Lawsuit

Are Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits the Same ThingPersonal injury events can result in serious decision-making concerning what follow-up actions should be taken. Usually, the more extensive one’s damages are, the more complicated the process will be to secure fair and full compensation. There are several factors that go into determining the right approach for getting to that ultimate objective of covering one’s damages by obtaining financial compensation. Because of this, you could be wondering whether it is better to file an injury claim or file a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Claims

A claim is a legal demand, typically sent to an insurance company, for a specified amount of compensation. Most personal injury events lead to a personal injury claim and the majority of these claims are negotiated outside of court and a settlement is reached. Personal injury claims can move along much faster than lawsuits and they can also be less stressful overall. Additionally, when a settlement is agreed to the amount as well as everything that transpired during the claims process can be kept private.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

A lawsuit is a legal action where a plaintiff will take a defendant to court to have a judge or a judge and jury determine the outcome. Usually, when a claim is filed and all the parties involved cannot come together and agree, then a settlement could be unachievable. With an inability to come to terms, court involvement is the next step. Lawsuits can take a very long time to conclude, they are more expensive than working through a claim, and everything that goes on during a lawsuit is public knowledge so anonymity is not possible. Additionally, lawsuits can cause a greater emotional strain than a claim.

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