Are Landlords in Florida Responsible for Renter Injuries?

Are Landlords in Florida Responsible for Renter Injuries?

The University of Florida’s Shimberg Center for Housing Studies reported that the number of people who rented their homes in Florida has been steadily increasing between 2000 through 2017. There were 1,816,452 renters in 2000 compared to 2,594,967 in 2017. During the same time period, as the rental housing market grew, homeownership dropped from 70% to 65%.

The millions of people that rent their homes whether it’s a condominium, a single-family home, or an apartment expect that where they live will be safe. Additionally, because renters do not own homes, landlords generally take on the task of maintenance and repair issues. There are several ways that someone can be hurt while in their own residence including slip and falls, or burns, for example. In some cases, the landlord is not responsible for harm that happens on their property but other times they could be.

When is Your Landlord Responsible for Your Injuries?

Are Landlords in Florida Responsible for Renter InjuriesProperty owners must maintain their property to ensure that it is reasonably safe when people enter. When there are hazards or other dangers on a property that are not addressed and they cause an entrant’s injuries, it could be possible to hold the owner of the property financially responsible for the damages the person suffered. This includes landlords who must keep their residences in a condition that does not present a threat to the welfare of their residents.

The following describes instances where a Florida landlord may be held liable for injuries and other harm that people on their property sustain.

  • If the building has not been maintained to the standards set by health and housing specifications. This could be the case if there is a toxic mold issue that has not been cleaned up, residents may become sick.
  • When there were repairs to the property that needed to be done but were not taken care of and fixed. When a property has stairs that are not repaired, a person may slip on a broken step and secure injuries from a fall.
  • When a landlord should have had certain security protections in place but either did not or they were not operational. Maybe an alleyway behind a building is a safety concern and having lights is necessary but the property’s lights were not working and the landlord did not replace them.

These are just a couple of scenarios where the landlord can be culpable for the harm that results in a rented home.  Also, it is not just the renters that could be able to file a claim against a landlord to recover compensation for injuries. Their visitors can also file a claim if they are hurt from peril on the property that the landlord should have taken care of.

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