Are Free Consultations with Personal Injury Lawyers Really Free?

Are Free Consultations with Personal Injury Lawyers Really Free?

If you live in Florida and someone else’s reckless actions cause an accident that results in your injuries, you may be able to hold them accountable for paying for your expenses related to the injury accident. A personal injury claim is the method where a civil dispute can be remedied and when successful, the individual who files the claim may be paid compensatory damages, or money for their financial losses. Every personal injury claim is different but it is common for damages in a claim to cover the costs of medical treatment related to recovering from the injury, property damages that may have been incurred, missed wages, pain and suffering, and potentially more.

It is possible to file a claim without assistance from a legal professional. However, this approach is not typically recommended. There are many reasons for this. One is the complicated nature of the personal injury claims process and how difficult it may be to navigate a claim alone, especially after a serious injury accident has impacted one’s life. Not only will an attorney be able to handle the entire personal injury claim process, but they will also have the skills necessary to effectively negotiate and communicate with the insurance company to protect a claim and help a plaintiff secure maximum recovery.

While some lawyers work on an hourly basis or on a retainer, personal injury attorneys tend to have a different payment structure. It is always best to ask an attorney what their fee structure is before entering into a contract, but it is very common for personal injury attorneys to work on a contingency basis. Here, they only receive payment once they win a personal injury claim for their client. This makes access to legal representation after a personal injury event within reach for anyone of any economic status.

Another thing that one may find when they search for a personal injury attorney is the initial free consultations that many offer. The consultation is a critical part of picking the right attorney and starting the claims process with legal counsel.

Why Offer Free Consultations?

Are Free Consultations with Personal Injury Lawyers Really FreeUnless a particular attorney really clicks with a prospective claimant, the claimant will likely be meeting with a couple of different lawyers to determine which they believe is the right match. During the consultation, a prospective claimant has the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an attorney and through this interaction, a claimant can see how well their questions are answered and how comfortable they are with the lawyer’s communication and demeanor. It is critical to work with an attorney that you get along with, feel at ease around, and that you trust. Confiding in your legal counsel and telling them the truth is necessary so that they can help you secure the desired results.

Likewise, an attorney does not have to take your case after the consultation. An attorney, too, can decide that they will not be providing legal counsel. However, regardless of the outcome, there are no obligations to hire an attorney or to file a claim if you schedule a free consultation. As a result, if you were hurt in an injury accident, speaking with an attorney can be beneficial and it won’t cost you anything no matter what happens at the end of the first meeting.

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