3 Ways to Get Your FHP Report after a Florida Car Accident

3 Ways to Get Your FHP Report after a Florida Car Accident

If you were in a car accident in Florida, you may find that it is beneficial to obtain your Florida Highway Patrol accident report. This report will include a case number and detail all the information regarding your accident. You can use this report as a part of the information and evidence that you have to file a personal injury claim for compensation. The report also acts as documentation of your accident which can be helpful when you contact your insurance company to let them know you were in a crash.

When you file a personal injury claim in Florida, there are certain rules that you must abide by. To get the most compensation, following the rules and building a robust claim are both essential. Often, when injuries result after a crash, working through the claims process can be difficult to do alone. An attorney can make things easier by taking on all the burdens and tasks that come with filing a claim. 

For help with a Florida personal injury claim after a car accident, please call a Tampa car accident attorney at Fulgencio Law today.

Obtaining Your Florida Highway Patrol Accident Report

3 Ways to Get Your FHP Report after a Florida Car AccidentThere are several ways that you can get your FHP report. One way to access your FHP car accident report is to go online. Florida’s Official Crash Portal allows you to use your case number to find your report. There are fees, though. The report costs $10 with a $2 processing/convenience fee. Once you pay, you will receive a link to download and view your report. Going online is the fastest way to access your report.

If navigating online tools is not easy for you, then you can go directly to the highway patrol troop station in the location where your accident took place to grab a paper copy. This link allows you to find the right FHP station location. Remember to bring a driver’s license or other form of personal identification. 

The final way that you can get your FHP report is by mail. This will cost $10 and you will mail your request with payment to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Crash Records in Tallahassee. It will take the longest amount of time to get your report if you choose to request it by mail. You should expect to wait a minimum of four weeks but you may have to wait up to six weeks.

The report will have many important aspects of your crash like the time and date of the accident, if tickets were issued, what the driving conditions were when the crash happened, the damage that the vehicles sustained, and more. 

For the purposes of using a FHP accident report for a personal injury claim, it is best to secure the report as soon as possible.

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