3 Factors that Can Prolong Your Florida Personal Injury Claim

3 Factors that Can Prolong Your Florida Personal Injury Claim

Depending on how severe your injuries are, recovery may take some time when you are injured due to another party’s negligent behavior. If you are trying to heal from a substantial injury, the process could be a frustrating and challenging one. You may have to be on medication, be limited from daily activities, be unable to work, and have to go to regular doctor appointments or therapy. From start to finish, everything could be quite intensive. All the while you have a legal suit happening that you are hoping to get enough from so that all of your losses and damages will be covered.

Many factors go into how long it will take for a personal injury claim to resolve and for victims to get their settlement money. In some situations, a claim may not be too time-intensive. In other cases, it could drag on. While working with an attorney is not required, it is highly recommended as a legal professional will know how to manage your legal suit and, as your advocate, fight to get the most compensation from your claim. Victims that have substantial physical bodily harm can keep their focus on getting better while their attorney handles their legal burdens.

Victims of injury accidents in Florida can call the Florida personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law for help with their personal injury claim.

What Factors Can Prolong a Personal Injury Claim?

3 Factors that Can Prolong Your Florida Personal Injury ClaimCertain aspects can prolong the Florida personal injury claim process.

These include:

Legal Issues

For one party to pay another, liability must be determined. Then, it is important to come to agreeable terms on the value of a claim and how much financial compensation is fair for a victim’s damages. Not every personal injury case will be straightforward and if liability cannot be clearly shown, the insurance company that has the claim filed against them is going to be less willing to offer a settlement or one that is far lower than what the victim is seeking. A claim then, can turn into a lawsuit and go to court. When a claim cannot be settled outside of the courtroom, it will lengthen the amount of time it takes to conclude.

Extensive Damages

Victims who have suffered excessive damages are likely to require a much larger settlement than those who only have minor damages. Insurance companies do not want to pay out large sums and, as a result, may delay and hold up payments. This is a common tactic that is meant to frustrate a victim so much that they will accept much less than they deserve allowing the insurance company to get out of paying the total amount of damages a victim suffered.

You Are Still Healing

At some point, you will have healed as much as your body is able even if you are not fully whole the way you were before your accident. Maximum medical improvement is the term that describes this. Once you have come to this point, calculating your medical treatment’s accurate cost can be done. However, while you are being treated, it is not completely known how costly your medical treatment will be.

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