Running Red Lights Causes Traffic Accidents

Running Red Lights Causes Traffic Accidents

Red lights are not ‘optional,’ they are meant for intersection safety for both pedestrians and drivers. Stop signs and red lights have a purpose on our roads and there is no reason for ignoring them that is either safe or legal. It happens, though, even for the most cautious drivers because we are all people and even the best of us make mistakes. Whether we are stressed because we are rushing to make up time to get to our destination or simply not paying attention running stop signals is illegal and highly dangerous.

All it takes is one time to have your life or that of another destroyed. Failure to yield or driving quickly through red lights increase the potential for very serious traffic accidents. Running red lights is not only extremely hazardous but if you fail to follow this rule of the road, you will be held responsible for injuries and damages that result from an accident. If you were on the receiving end of a negligent driver who ran a red light, then you have rights that deserve to be protected and damages that deserve compensation. Speaking with an effective Tampa area personal injury attorney can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to after the accident.

The Dangers Of Running A Red Light

Running Red Lights Causes Traffic AccidentsRunning red lights have very real and very disastrous consequences. When a driver runs a red light, it is often a quick last-minute decision to do so. There is little time to figure the probability of an accident or all the factors in one’s surroundings that could be perilous for such an error in judgment.

  • Running red lights result in the most dangerous type of collision. More injuries that are much more severe result from this type of accident versus any other type of traffic incident and there are a couple of reasons why. First, speed is often a factor as those running a red light are trying to do it quickly. T-bone collisions are the most common accident that occurs as one car running through an intersection will be hit on the side by another car moving forward through that same intersection. T-bone collisions or side-impact collisions have a higher likelihood of severe injury and fatalities especially for those passengers sitting in the back on the side of impact. The design of vehicles is such that the front and rear of a car have built-in protections, or “crumple zones” to absorb a greater amount of force during an accident, where the sides of the car do not have these protections.
  • There are many deaths as a result of red-light running accidents. The year 2015 saw a chronic problem of more than 60 fatalities each month from running red lights. Almost 1,000 deaths each year are a direct result of this reckless behavior. Added to these fatal statistics, there are well over 200,000 individuals who suffer injuries every year in the country as a result of these accidents.
  • Running a red light is a reckless and negligent behavior which is also considered aggressive driving. In terms of how the law treats aggressive driving, there isn’t much wiggle room or sympathy for these actions. A driver who is charged with aggressive tactics and behaviors can expect to see increased penalties and potentially criminal charges for the results of their hostile behaviors especially when these behaviors negatively impact others. There are many penalties that a driver who runs a red-light can face such as losing their insurance, their driver’s license, and potentially criminal charges which could include jail time. All of these or just a portion of these outcomes can also affect one’s ability to keep their job and the ability to live the life they once knew before their accident. 

Are You Looking For Assistance After A Car Accident In Tampa?

When you have been the victim of an accident where the other driver involved ran a red light, you have a solid basis to pursue compensation that will help you with your damages and injuries. A qualified Tampa automobile accident attorney at Fulgencio Law can examine your case and help you move forward with a claim. Don’t hesitate to call Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123 to set up a free consultation with a Tampa car accident attorney today.



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